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Witch Doctor
Running some rifts this morning and having one full of enemies I hated got me to thinking. What is one enemy for which you have a high level of hatred. The caveat here is be creative. Yes, we all hate T6 Anarchs and the various reapers.

My personal one? Wasps. I hate them with a passion. They're easy to kill, die in one hit and I can't stand when I have a rift full of them. Makes me feel like I'm playing the original Tecmo bowl trying to dodge them all over the place. (And yes I see the irony that I'm wearing Hexing pants ;p)

So what's yours?
A combo Succubus / giant mosquitos together are mine.

Hate them because their little red bowls really hurt and I can easily be one bursted by these tiny green flies.

When I see this combo coming on the screen i'm like "ok, R-type mode on"

They circle around you, running into walls all the time making them hard to target and kill at a decent pace.
a rift full of those huge worms or the assasin lizards that pop out 5-6 at a time and !**#%!## you when you have your pirnado and spirit walk on cd.
Anarchs, Enslaved Nightmares.

Leave the enslaved nightmares alive for a while and viola you got a gigantic army of mallet lords to deal with.
06/30/2014 05:21 AMPosted by ButteryNugs

No doubt... rockworms can suck my 8@11sack.
06/30/2014 06:45 AMPosted by Accel
a rift full of those huge worms

These pushed me to stop running my Carn so squishy. I was getting one-shotted in T6, which kept putting my FA on double cooldown *&@!%^!#

I also get irrationally pissed at any enemy that runs away. Ghosts especially.
Any elite kitter with the affixe fast...like ghost, those fatty mage from a3, troll mage from a1....I sometimes just end up skipping them...good thing we don't see them to often in rift.
06/30/2014 08:01 AMPosted by OftRepeated
I also get irrationally pissed at any enemy that runs away. Ghosts especially.

lolz. F and C bomb galore can be heard from my room when this happens
06/30/2014 08:51 AMPosted by ButteryNugs
F and C bomb galore can be heard from my room when this happens

Tell me about it. I need to learn another language to expand my capacity for obscenities when this happens. This is especially irritating with a Carnevil build, since you have to target every single mob. Ghost have an annoying habit of popping in just long enough for me to unleash a volley of darts, then kiting back off the map before they connect. #%&@!
Morlu Incinerators
Voracity, the only mob that'll kill you 20 mins after it dies.

(btw blizz, i don't think you made the poison cloud duration long enough)
Absolute worst aside from the act 5 anarch crew. Is the large prison map filled with nothing but ghost packs. They always disappear just before the deathblow and just slow everything down. Such a pain in the !@#. Fast, firechain, ghosts...FML.
The monsters that carry the scythe, whirlwind attack, and knockback/slow. HATE those guys...
Damn Spiders. They are not hard to kill but I HATE those spiderwebs slowing me down. Especially when they are grouped with ranged enemies, like wasps.
06/30/2014 04:24 AMPosted by TristinRowe
What is one enemy for which you have a high level of hatred

Wasps.... GRRRRRRR!!!!

Good god chasing them all over the map praying to catch one in my piranado so my pets can kill it all the while dodging endless streams of death spit from them in slow motion. Even better is when they show up in one of those floating rock maps that's nothing but open space and narrow staircases.
Worms, Terror Demons...
06/30/2014 10:21 AMPosted by Tunguska
Morlu Incinerators

This. Really pissing me off lately. And worms. Had a rift yesterday that was worm, worm, worm, worm, worm pack, worm, worm, worm pack... Makes me want to run the sprinklers on high for a few hours to flush all of the $&*%# out and let them dry out on the driveway.

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