IK weapon with 15% earthquake

I've just done this build and it seems to be very very strong.
45% to earthquake in total
Could you try it like you can see in my profile and give me a feedback please?
Kind regards
I've tried it and I still go back to 2 1h's ... hopefully we get a change to 2h's because I'd love to use that 2h.
I like the IK boulder breaker for IK/EQ combo. Definitely T6 viable, but I am using a spender build with seismic slam. I find the non-spender build boring after a bit.

I think ik + aughild + leapquake with 45% to EQ 58% fire dmg and 44% elite with 9k strenght is dealing much more dmg than 2 weapons. I also find a big difference because it's harder now to die.
maybe you don't have all the items ready yet that's why you had to go back to 2 weapons
Viral i agree with you but the performance is still top rated. t6 with 4 players definitely viable. thx for the feedback
You'd be much better off rolling the EQ damage into % damage. Other then that, IK / EQ / Aughlids is a great setup.

Murdoc is right. Roll % damage, 9-10% only.
Ideally u want
10% dmg better than 15% EQ?
06/29/2014 05:15 PMPosted by LuKanO
10% dmg better than 15% EQ?

100% yes.
wow gotta try it! but then why not the ruby in the weapon?
Rubies only better if you have really low crit %
Because EQ crits, that's why Ruby isn't as good. Give Rubies to follower or stick in chest and pant slots.

I did the IK 2-hander thing a long time. Prefer two 2-hders.
Yeah i saw it, I asked it just because I don't understand why 10% dmg on the weapon is better than 15%EQ.
Is anybody able to explain this please?

This is the explanation I received after I rerolled 10% DMG into 15% EQ DMG...

"Weapon% is more valuable than skill%. Your weapons damage is the primary damage stat in the game before everything else is calculated. EQ scales the best with 2h weapons. %skill scaling is the weakest damage modifier compared to weapon damage/strength/crit damage. You had a perfect 10% damage roll too omg :/ DAT PLACEBO EFFECT DOE RITE?"

I eventually rerolled my weapon back to 9% DMG which I am glad I did!

This is probably the best explanation I've received with regards to why %DMG > %EQ DMG.

I'll simply roll a 10% on the other ik weapon i've got with only 20 dps less, and i will try if it's true... anyway i tryed this: 2226(min dmg) x (4500% eq + 45% eq + 58%fire + 44% elite + 401% critical + 52.5% critical prob) x 9136% str
if u do the same doing 2455 x (4500% eq + 30% eq + 58%fire + 44% elite + 401% critical + 52.5% critical prob) x 9136% str what is the result?
ok 10% is better just tested it on ghom:

1 min and 6 sec with the 10% dmg weapon
1 min and 10 sec with the 15% eq weapon
we were 2 in the game and i was the only DPSer

I figured that the difference would be a little more drastic. :/
It might be more drastic with a higher damage roll.

Wonder what the time difference would be if you had an IK BB like mine (2769DPS vs 2939DPS).

the difference beetween our weapon is not that much: only 1 on minimum dmg and 50 on max
the one you can see in my profile is the old one. maybe now u should be able to see my new one with 10% dmg. if i'm not wrong u were looking at the 8%

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