Has ROS Lived Up To *Your* Expectations?

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Simple question.

I was quite excited about ROS. Beta was fun, I loved the new Act and most of the changes made have been positive for the game overall.

That said, I was personally hoping for:

1) More legendary items, and better. Early beta was promising, with some really cool stuff like Demon Machine, Swami etc. having extremely cool effects and becoming very powerful with certain skills. However there didn't seem to be all that many items to find at the end of the day and far too many were seemingly placeholders.

Unfortunately, most of those 'placeholders' went live, and many of the crazier legendaries were nerfed to the ground or had affixes flat out removed.

While ROS was a big step up from D3V in this regard, the paucity of legendary items means that once again we have a few cookie cutter builds at the top tier revolving around the handful of Uber items in existence. Hopefully we see a lot more added in 2.1.

2) Class Balance. Yeah, balance is always going to be a tricky word in a game like this, and while I'd prefer a world where each class has multiple endgame viable builds with relative parity to each other - this is a tricky one.

However quite a few aspects of certain and a ton of underused skills need some love (and gear to encourage you to use them).

3) 3D Fixes! A personal one, but it's silly that this has not been fixed. Quite a few people like Diablo 3 in 3D and longstanding bugs were made worse in ROS, not better. There is a third party mod available that fixes all of them, but which is 'use at your own risk' sadly.

4) Big, social clans. While communities sort of fill the gap, I was looking forward to larger, more active clans. As it stands, playing off-peak in a clan with people from different timezones it's often quite lonely online.

5) A return to Diablo's darkness. I really do miss the grittiness, the occult symbols and the general uncanniness of the original games and while I do like the darker and grimmer feel of ROS, the game still feels too much like a slightly bloodier Sacred or Titan Quest than a real sequel to D2.

Overall though, ROS has been a big success to me and managed to take a lot of the bad taste that D3 left out of my mouth. I wouldn't call it perfect by any means, but 2.1 is looking very promising, and with some more legendaries on the way hopefully we will be in a good position soon.
Having no expectations is the best expectations!

RoS produced what it intended, I am satisfied and looking forward to the next expansion.
For no. 2 class builds, I think you meant a ton of combinations for skills are going underused.
I don't understand why people complain about d3's "darkness." This series lost it as soon as you could enter the big !@# field Blood Moor. Diablo 1 was dark. Diablo 2 was big fields, jungles, and deserts, not dark.
Possibly the last Blizz product i ever purchase
RoS was quite awesome given the circumstances.

It pulled the game out of a deep and dark hole that I didn't quite think was possible to climb. That being said, it still doesn't do enough right for me to call it a good game. It is just mediocre experience now with a ton of unused potential. You could say that to any game, but this one just feels so close to being great.
Yep, it improved on D3 and that's all I wanted......O and bye bye AH. I wish they did add another class but I understand if they didn't have time. Hopefully we get 2 in the final expac.
Yes, definitely.

However, I knew exactly what to expect since I got into the beta and watched people stream. The current version of RoS exceeds my expectations and the future patches look to keep improving on it.

That said... I still personally feel that D3 vanilla Patch 1.0.8 has been the absolute pinnacle point of this game. I had a blast with monster density, leveling all classes to their P100 cap and selling excess items on the RMAH to fund my gaming hobby.

RoS offers a different and fun experience but it does not exceed 1.0.8 in my eyes.
07/07/2014 09:18 AMPosted by Grandkane
Possibly the last Blizz product i ever purchase
My expectations were pretty low to begin with. I mean... let's not beat around the bush, the original Diablo 3 was terrible. It wouldn't be hyperbole to say it was the worst product launch in Blizzard history, and they spent the next year scrambling to clean up the mess.

I expected RoS to fix Blizzard's largest mistakes with D3 and it did. Anything more would've been icing on the cake. I was a little sad that I finished my character within a month of RoS coming out, but admittedly I played for 6+ hours a night, every night.

I'm still pretty excited for Seasons, which should breathe new life into the game for me. But as is, I haven't touched D3 in 3 months and only check back here once in a blue moon to see if Seasons are in yet. Which is fine with me, I bought a lot of great games on the Steam sale that will keep me occupied until then.

(Also, not to beat a dead horse, but I still want PvP.)
07/07/2014 10:02 AMPosted by Rolly
07/07/2014 09:18 AMPosted by Grandkane
Possibly the last Blizz product i ever purchase
These comments make me laugh.

Especially when you consider how many D3 vanilla Blizzard boycotters have referenced trying out Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and actually paying FULL price to get ROS.

I can guarantee that if there's a 2nd D3 expansion that at least one of you 2 will be playing it on day 1.
It's better than vanilla. I do feel i got my money's worth. The game doesn't really have longevity outside of endless grind, although it can be argued that endless grind is the point of the game. End game is boring with rifts. 2.1 Doesn't look that appealing. I've stopped playing now, might do 2.1 hardcore a bit and inevitably die to server issues, and then stop playing.

I do not plan on purchasing another D3 expansion (if any) unless something drastic changes.
The only disappointing part of RoS that I found was the lack of an ending cinematic.
RoS made diablo 3 an excellent, "in between" game. While waiting for another game to be released or go down in price, D3 is a great time filler. A week here, a week there - its great for that.
Vanilla up through RoS has given me a ton of hours of enjoyment. Could it be better? Sure. But I've gotten my money's worth and then some out of it. It lived up to my expectations.
07/07/2014 08:39 AMPosted by Starbird
However there didn't seem to be all that many items to find at the end of the day and far too many were seemingly placeholders.

Did you see how the Shard of Hate got designed? That gave a little insight on all the things involved when the create a legendary item. Its quite a process, especially the art work. The D3 team isn't as big as WoW's team. They can't get out as many items.
Yes it did, but my expectations are at at a low point these days, probably would have to go back to 94/95 since I last had such little expectations of game releases. So much mediocrity, so much blandness. Thank !@#$ for GOG tbh..
Game is better no doubt; but I still get bored after 30 minutes playing.
Considering that my expectations were low, since D3V was by all means terrible (I quit around 1.04). RoS created interesting environment, new good act, added some life into end game and made loot much more accessible. It also changed the difficulty from being based around at which point you are getting one shotted into a more progressive system, where damage and HP are much better designed.

What disappointed me is ver 2.1. Much dev resources devoted to produce nothing. Both GR and the seasons are bad ideas. Maybe the feedback provided make them better, but still they do not add any depth or interest in the game.
I like the game overall, but the fact that I cant trade a TF for a wand of woh or Soj drives me insane.

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