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You've gotten enough dxdiags to build a couple of rigs and reproduce this every single time. Everybody knows this is happening on even ridiculously over-specced machines and the users are doing NOTHING wrong. If this wasn't a damn video game some people would be out of jobs by now. Get with the program, this is unacceptable.

This isn't something Technical Support has any control over directly. Issues have been forwarded on to the devs for investigation and are being addressed though there's no timetable I can divulge.

However, one in particular I've been involved with is the low performance experienced by higher end systems, though any system can be affected, when playingi n 4-player games. The latest I've heard is we've not been able to replicate it internally when we use the latest internal build of 2.1. I believe the current 2.1 build used in the PTR is still affected. When a newer build is pushed out to the PTR, I encourage anyone experiencing this particular issue to stress test it as much as possible in multiplayer games and let us know the outcome.

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Well it only took 3 months for you guys to even see that there was a problem. Maybe if you forum techs where a little bit more open minded and not so stubborn we would be closer to a resolution by now. Not to mention all those months where you blamed the customers computer...causing them much frustration.....sometimes even causing them to lose money upgrading hardware.

Thats deplorable customer service period. How about a apology?
I finally figgured it out why fps feel low ingame sometimes on my overspecced D3 PC:

First of is my specs:
I7 2600k
AMD 7870HD

It's the monitor or screen, some can only do 59hz which makes the sync go out of place. Either try another monitor which actually does exactly 60 or more, note that even if you select 60 from 59, hit apply and the screen doesn't black but it tells you its 60 is not correct! it must blank into the new refresh rate.

After whats seems ages trying to figure this one out can finally put this to rest, spread the word if it works for you.

The refresh rate must be 60.000hz any big variance will make the fps skip more frequent do to the re-syncronizing needed.
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