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We've all been there at that point.

You join a game, or in some cases a shared loot game, which I think goes against the grain of the game and removes cohesion and synergy.

You say the items you are looking for.

More often than not, SOMEone in the game links the EXACT item you are trying to find. That they found either last game, or in this very game only seconds before you arrived.

Who is this aggravating for?

The other guy.

Especially if this is an item that the other guy doesn't even want to use. It is going to wind up as a soul.

The problem with 'trading' is that everyone complains about how third party sites are going to roll in blah blah and then there's that whole money laundering and slaving thing which I a thing? If Diablo 3 supports human trafficking, then god damn, there is not a single fng thing on this planet that doesn't. Get over it. Let the professionals who take down traffickers do their jobs and stop trying to compare trading to terrorism. This is the only game in the entire market of its kind that does not have open trading.

WoW has open trading. Why can't D3 have open trading?

Anyways, more to the guts of what I want to suggest here.

You want the 3rd party folks not to benefit?
You want to be able to trade?
You want to be able to give your items away?

Here's some scenarios on how you could do it.

Person A is alone in a game. He drops an item that is exactly what Person B wants, but person B is neither in the game or even online. That's a problem for both Person A and Person B. Who I'll refer to as A and B only from here forward.

A is playing the game.
B signs on. A links the item to B. B says "wow I totally need that!"

Problem. B wasn't in A's game when A found it. So even with the 2 hour trade window, it doesn't mean a damn thing.

Fix Idea 1:
A is playing the game. A drops the item. B isn't there. A knows that B needs this item. He doesn't know if its really an upgrade or not, but he knows that B needs that item name. A right clicks the item and flags it as 'transfer to B' or 'gift to B.'

Necessity: B must be on A's friend list before the item dropped.
This way, friends can still give things to friends regardless of whether or not they are online with each other or not. Diablo 3 already has a mail system built in. We know this because if we bought the advance ROS, we had items in the mail waiting for us. Lets utilize the damn system already.

Fix Idea 2:
C is playing the game, but its a public game. C drops an item. D arrives in game and says "I'm looking for Item X, please let me have or lets trade if you find it." C links item X to D.

Problem: D wasn't in game when C found item X, so there isn't even a countdown timer.

Fix: Add a countUP timer. Meaning add a reverse timer.
It [the timer] would look like this:
D -05:00
E 1:55:00
F 1:55:00
So if both D and C are in the same game for an hour together, and C knows that D wants the item and D has something to trade, or C genuinely just wants someone who can use item X to take it, they'll stick around for a while. D is happy. C is happy. Its a social interaction. Chances are you just set a situation where the two will be adding each other to the friend list and thus Fix #1 idea becomes more of a thing.

Additionally---If user C has to leave the game, he can transfer the item to user E or F and they can hold it until the negative timer goes dead. Or if they are jerks, they can keep the item themselves. Most people, I've noticed, aren't.

"But what if they are third party people selling things?"

1) The third party person would have to locate the item in the game. The third party person also have to have the prospective buyer on heightened alert in order to take advantage of this.

2) Third parties have traditionally kept a large number of items on hand to sell. This keeps that from happening. The item still has to be found in a game. There is still effectively a BOA timer for these items, but there is more of an option as to how to handle it.

"But what about spammers? You're just going to have people saying "OMG I FOUND THIS, MOST SOULS TRADED GETS IT!"

Problem. In order to trade, you have to get into the game, grind, and get souls. This is generally a total waste of most people's time. People who do this are most likely to be completely blocked and ignored and labeled as trolls by the community.

Those who say "I just found X and/or Y, who needs?" Are going to be answered by folks who need the item.


This completely throws a stick in the spokes of 3rd parties. It retains the friendly atmosphere of the community at large. Does it allow third parties a tiny foothold? Sure. But keep in mind, that requires someone to do that foothold. And it still relies on the RNG gods being nice to that 3rd partier
I ran out of characters...

This idea still keeps 3rd partiers out for the most part. At least stifling them heavily. If 4 3rd party folks have completely cleaned the game out, then they would have to transfer all gear to another account's mule. A mule that wasn't even in the game when the items were dropped. That means that cuts out 25% of efficiency from the 3rd party if they are to have an active mule account in the game.

Then there's the problem of the item timers themselves. Once they go past 2 hours, they are BoA regardless of who might jump in the game to buy those items. Which means that every minute that passes, has to be 'reverse timed' in order for the deal to go through.

3rd party "I have item X!"
Problem... 3rd party has to have the logistics and the manpower in order to know which of their people who is/are watching multiple computers also has a tallied list of every item, of every cooldown timer in order to maintain a relative flow of income from the sale of these items.

3rd party finds item that person Q needs. 3rd Party has to get the buyer in the game within minutes. Or both the 3rd party seller and Q have to sit there in the game together in awkward silence for upwards of half an hour to an hour. If Q joins the game after 60 minutes has passed, the account timer on that item will flag Q as unable to get the item anyway.

This is damn inefficient for 3rd party sites, don't you think? So can they? SURE. Would YOU buy from them if that was your only option? Probably not.

It allows for more trade to actually occur. It retains BOA, and more or less turns BoA to BoE where E is Exit.

What is this really a fix for?

Most of the folks I talk to are more angry that they can't just GIVE items away to people that they know need them. I'm with them. I don't care about "profiting" from trading. I want to be able to give people things that I don't need that they need.

Bottom line on this:
Allow people to trade items/gear that is found in that game, whether or not persons were in the game to begin with. This is fixed by a reverse timer.
Allow people to flag items for other friends already on a friends list by utilizing in game mail system.
And....nobody even looked.
And yet it remains true that some of us prefer playing a hack 'n slash. Conveniently for me the developers agree with my mindset more than yours.

Trade = reduced drop rates

No thank you.

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