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3 days is nothing. It took me almost a week to get that to drop. And that was 5+ hours each day at first. I gave up and just started doing occasional runs. You are dealing with a double RNG. First you have to be lucky enough for the elite to spawn, then you have to be lucky enough for the stone to drop.

You're are not missing much anyway. So, don't beat yourself up looking for it. Yeah, it's a diversion when you make the staff but, it's not like OMG this is insanely fun! You have to break up the monotony. Do some rifts. Farm for gemstone. Do some bounties. Farm for gemstone. I went not stop farming for it and it was not fun. I started doing it here and there and got it eventually without as much boredom and frustration.
I got mine completely by accident, before I ever new I'd need it. I tend to run through every cave and kill every monster in every nook and cranny though. If your just looking for a specific rare monster and his drop, your going to be sadly disappointed. Just run around and kill stuff, make sure you hit the caves every time where the correct mob spawns, and forget about being there for the gibbering gemstone. It will drop in no time at all. I also got a 700+dps spectrum my first run through whimsyshire after making my staff.

Now, as for the RoRG, I would swear that drop is a lie, if I hadn't already gotten 2 in the past. Unfortunately the first one I got was at lvl 52, and the next one didn't roll a main stat...
Took me WEEKS pre-RoS to find mine.

Never experienced any latency issues - HC or SC.
07/09/2014 09:00 AMPosted by bgoddly
I realize that this thread will probably be deleted.

I made a post yesterday asking if the anyone has seen a Gibbering Gemstone drop and was told yes, This I can only assume is a lie, by the same people that defend Blizzard every time, like they did in the latency issues, a few weeks ago (could they possibly be Blizzard employees ?)

Even with an extremely low drop rate, 3 days of farming the same elite, should have produced results, I am now giving up.

For this glitch, the fore mentioned denied latency issues and so many more, Diablo 3 RoS is the last dime this company will ever see from me. I'm just one customer, but have I strong feeling I'm one of many (not all of us with the same exact issues).

I'm sorry to hear that you've been having a difficult time while adventuring through Sanctuary in search of a Gibbering Gemstone. We have not adjusted the drop rates for this item, but if you feel that there is a possible bug then I highly encourage you to make a post on the Bug Report forum to let us know. That way the appropriate team can take a look at it, and start the process to get it back to working as intended if it currently isn't.

Additionally, if you've been experiencing latency issues then I definitely suggest taking a look at our Technical Support forums to try and see if anything can be done to improve your game's performance. Sometimes the good and knowledgeable folks over there can offer advice that makes all the difference.

Thank you for leaving your feedback with us, and I hope these tips help out in improving your experience. We'd love to help you enjoy your time in Sanctuary if we can, and we hope to see you there!

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