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Hi all, Wyatt Cheng just posted a short update on current direction of the PTR build. You can find it here or pasted below.

Let us know your thoughts on the PTR so far, we are always keen to hear feedback from ANZ!

07/03/2014 02:43 PMPosted by Wyatt Cheng


The reward scheme for Greater Rifts is still under heavy iteration at this time. We are primarily concerned with the gameplay mechanics: acquiring a key, progressing through the rifts, difficulty tuning, multiplayer dyanmics, etc.

The reward needs to be proportional to the effort and time invested. With the mechanics of Rifts changing this is a moving target. In the next PTR patch you'll see more of the Legendary Gem reward mechanics implemented. The PTR patch after that we'll start dialing in the reward structure.

Please feel free to give feedback on what you see, but please know we are aware that the reward is off right now. Our goal is for Greater Rifts to be absolutely worth doing, and you should always be trying to clearly quickly towards the highest tiered rift you are capable of - but we're not there yet.

Thanks for all the feedback we've received on the reward scheme and I look forward to more feedback as the rest of the reward scheme gets implemented over the coming PTR patches.
I'm enjoying it a lot actually, Came across the treasure realm yesterday that was fun, I need to get better gear though as the highest GRift i can get to is 13. It gives me goals though.
I love the Look and feel of the Cesspools
Yet to find a gem yet but that will come if i get to higher rifts
Glad to have this update. I realize you all need to take awhile to get this stuff right. The PTR quickly became stale for me because of the lack of legendary gem drops (save for those people who found gems they were not supposed to find).

I also look forward to a re-tuning of difficulty--perhaps we won't hit the GR 30 wall so quickly--and a retuning of the loot.
I generally try to not spend too much time in the PTR. I really do not want to find a BiS gear there and then lose it.

I did play around with the Greater Rifts and I think that they look like fun. Once the initial fun factor goes away, it will be interesting to see if everyone runs them instead of normal rifts in terms of daily runs, or if it is a weekly fun event, a bit like ubers.

Failing a rift due to mob density, rather than damage or survivability is not much fun though. I like the skip forward thing, but in later rifts it would be nice to have a choice. Due to the exponential scaling, the difference in 2 or 3 rift levels is huge. Eg I may clear lvl 20 with 3 minutes remaining, but not be able to clear lvl 23 which I think would be my next Greater Rift Key.

Enjoyed the Monk changes, but eagerly waiting on more.

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