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All the talent that made the sc1-wc3-wow generation of games is leaving Blizzard, I guess that speaks to where this company is headed.
Don't come to Marvel Heroes Rob, unless your willing to do some real work and have to actually care about your fan base. Otherwise Good luck to you.
Is Rob Pardo still in talks on the WOW movie? I'm excited for it and maybe it can start opening doors to a Starcraft and Diablo movie!
Mr. Pardo, the design choices you helped make fueled my curiosity and led to me datamining as a teenager. I was fascinated with the numbers behind the inner workings of Blizzard's games. Diablo II even inspired my first "serious" program, a drop calculator. While I was certainly already going to be in the computer science field, my exploration of the MPQs of StarCraft and Diablo II certainly helped confirm my passion for the field as a whole.

Thanks for all you have done for the Diablo and StarCraft universes. Good luck with the next chapter of your career.
Best of luck to you in your future endeavors good sir. Thank you for all the work that you have put in over the years.
I got a good friend that quips, "You join a company, you leave a manager." It applies to a lot to people who work in the lower levels of a company. At his level, hmmm...creative differences maybe? Enough guessing...I certainly hope he has already found the next tree branch and is very happy with his next move. Continue to do outstanding things for the gamers Rob! Hoorah!
Rob is a nice name
Best of luck to you and your future endeavors. Thank you for all the great years as part of the greater Blizzard staff. =D
Good luck with your future and I hope you touch our gaming lives even more with your future creations and work.
Good luck to the future, Rob. Your successor will have big shoes to fill.
Let's all make a break for it while activision is looking the other way.
Best wishes and good luck in your future endeavors, Rob. I'm sure you'll be sorely missed at Blizzard, but I'm also sure that, wherever you go, you'll continue your tradition of making stellar games.
Still remember your work at Starcraft:Broodwar and golden days at Blizzard. Good luck in the future.
maybe I misunderstood, but that speech felt like he was being forced to step down?

how will this impact Diablo development?
who will replace him?
07/03/2014 01:16 PMPosted by Krak
maybe I misunderstood, but that speech felt like he was being forced to step down?

It doesn't sound like he had anything else in the works, does it? Not at all like Alex Mayberry leaving Blizzard for position at Cloud Imperium/Star Citizen. Considering, too, that Blizzard were conducting a market research survey to ascertain whether or not there's enough D3 interest to make a second expansion worth their while, and.... yeah, it kinda looks like RoS's 2.7M copies may still have been well below expectations, and not something that Blizzard think will turn around anytime soon.

All speculation, ofc.; I don't expect that anyone involved will say, for years anyway.

07/03/2014 01:16 PMPosted by Krak
how will this impact Diablo development?
who will replace him?

Those are the thousand-dollar questions, aren't they? Answers to come Soon™, I guess.
Ahh the warrior's rest. Enjoy !
Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo...

Awesome games Rob! Thanks for everything!
thank you to all your contributions to the games i know and love and godspeed good sir

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