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He's right, the people and fans are what drives his passion.

Now that the fans are bitter about D3, it's time he jump ship.
Aka'Magosh. Bittersweet news for sure.

Zil'Nok Rob.
You won't be missed but can I have your stuff?

It needed to be said... It's not a blizz community without a bit of trolling.
Good luck Rob. You can only go up from here.
Good Luck to you. Blizzard has been on a downslide ever since Diablo III. I will never forget Warcraft III though. Best strategy game I've ever played.
Thx for WarCraft III.

...thanks for all games, especially by WarCraft III.
Best of luck in your next adventures! You are one great game maker, and I hope to see more of the stuff you create. Thank you for all your hard work.
This is Rob Pardo saying, "This is Rob Pardo saying...'goodnight'".
Hey Blizzard I took a screenshot, nice try!

Anyways, best of luck playing Hearthstone...
07/03/2014 01:26 PMPosted by OldSchool
07/03/2014 01:16 PMPosted by Krak
maybe I misunderstood, but that speech felt like he was being forced to step down?

It doesn't sound like he had anything else in the works, does it? Not at all like Alex Mayberry leaving Blizzard for position at Cloud Imperium/Star Citizen. Considering, too, that Blizzard were conducting a market research survey to ascertain whether or not there's enough D3 interest to make a second expansion worth their while, and.... yeah, it kinda looks like RoS's 2.7M copies may still have been well below expectations, and not something that Blizzard think will turn around anytime soon.

All speculation, ofc.; I don't expect that anyone involved will say, for years anyway.

07/03/2014 01:16 PMPosted by Krak
how will this impact Diablo development?
who will replace him?

Those are the thousand-dollar questions, aren't they? Answers to come Soon™, I guess.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Blizzard chief creative officer Rob Pardo has jumped to Jay Wilson's defence in a 184-page Diablo 3 forum thread that turned nasty.

"If you still feel the need to dish out blame, then I would prefer you direct it at me," he wrote. "I was the executive producer on the project; I hired Jay and I gave him advice and direction throughout the development process. I was ultimately responsible for the game we released and take full responsibility for the quality of the result."

"The Diablo community deserves an even better game from Blizzard" Rob Pardo

not sure if related?
07/03/2014 01:29 PMPosted by SiLiZ
Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo...

Awesome games Rob! Thanks for everything!

Oh jeez is that all? Without going too much in-depth into a pitiful story, I'd like to say thank you for being pretty much the only family I had!
Good Luck Rob! and as a player, thanks for the great franchise's. It's been well worth the experience and time spent playing them.
Warcraft 3 was a great game. Wish WoW didnt' make war4 a impossibility. Here is to hoping that they make or remake the original Warcraft trilogy into HD.

07/03/2014 12:12 PMPosted by OldSchool
The man claiming responsibility for the decisions that turned D3 from an awesome-looking PC-centric ARPG, into effectively the PC port of a console title, leaving? A lot depends on who replaces him, but it might be good news for this game, if whoever takes over Diablo's creative director file gives the development team the freedom they need to make this into the game it always should have been. I wonder if they'll maybe re-think the DRM decision now?

He wasn't creative director for just d3, but rather for all of blizzard.

07/03/2014 12:18 PMPosted by Starsky
all the best, jumping off a sinking ship is a hard thing to do

hope the water is warm!

Looks to me more like a risiing tide, their stock has more than doubled in the past 18 mos.
Another one of those "I quit" threads? TLDR.

No you can't have your HC character back. Blizzard doesn't care.
Who are you again?
07/03/2014 02:40 PMPosted by HansMolman
Who are you again?

Only the most influential game designer in the world, possibly in the history of game designing.
07/03/2014 02:46 PMPosted by Bryanw1995
07/03/2014 02:40 PMPosted by HansMolman
Who are you again?

Only the most influential game designer in the world, possibly in the history of game designing.


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