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Hey all have started a new clan - Boxin (Multiboxin) English SEA - its part of the WAus Clans - Just got into it myself and find it a brilliant alternative for those days you want to do it yourself, Or your online when most your clan Nappin, Schoolin or working. And more importantly to share, test or brag about your brilliant Boxin setup. Which i will plagiarise to death let me tell you. Hit your clan tab then find search Boxin wolla there we are Boxin (Multiboxin)
Could be better as a community. Clans are great for getting parties together, which you really do not need when multi-boxing. Just a thought.
Yeah, pretty much useless since you are playing a group game by yourself when you multibox. A multibox forum is what you really need.
Did start a community as well :-). Not sure about a clan being all that bad an idea. You could still team up for say 2 with 2 games. Give you a chance to show off your builds, ideas and the such.
I'm unsure as to whether moulting boxing fits within the terms of the game.

I suppose by creating a clan are a community would make it easier to ban players that do it.

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