The word Fart is inappropriate?

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This is in relation to blizzard making certain words inappropriate for character names.

Let me tell you something about the human body, it's not only beautiful and natural but so it also has it's natural function. To defame one form of toxin evacuation as inappropriate is not only a disservice to man but also god himself. Honestly I'm flabbergasted, I'm so shocked that I'm full of hot air.
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I'm full of hot air

All that matters.
Hey, I'm still peeved that the game considers "Boneripper" inappropriate, when Blizzard themselves used that very same name for a purple mob.
Admit is you wanted to create a Monk.
So he can use his Fart or Fury? lol
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07/10/2014 07:08 PMPosted by Voltara
Hey, I'm still peeved that the game considers "Boneripper" inappropriate

They know you're just trying to sneak the word !@#$% in there.

the problem is, it's people like you that make this a problem, I didn't even see anything wrong with Boneripper until you said that, people drag stuff way out of proportion.
Now I've seen it all. I was just telling myself earlier that the last thing I want to see before I die is a thread of someone complaining they can't name themselves Fart. Thanks TC, now I can rest in peace.

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