how are you getting your gold

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I just kill things and profit as i run around and make sure i pick up everything.
Well, there was the goblin realm on ptr to actually help move things along once you reroll on seasons and have to start from scratch, but that has been nerfed to hell.

Dark cellar was the best way to farm gold. They disabled gobs from spawning there. HoA2 used to have gobs but it's dicey and now it's like 100 gobs, you get maybe a gob realm or two.

If Blizz was nice about this they'd increase leg drop rate in bounties and put more gobs out there.

I have alts. Upgrading on HC is something you have to deal with as the possibility of death is there.

I honestly couldn't upgrade my gems til I got onto ptr and before they nerfed gob realm. Making gems to try n get a socket on rings and ammys for the new legendary gems is going to cost you. \
If you think gf gets you anywhere you are mistaken. Only having gf for gob realm is a payoff on higher torment.

On my gf toon I get gold all over the place yet it doesn't add up to nothing. Blizz needs to get rid of the gem needs for upgrading rings. Get rid of the cost to take out gems, let imperial gems drop more frequently. I've got like a thousand marquise and then a handful of imperials. It needs fixing.
When seasons hits, people need something to look forward to, they won't want to be having to wear gold find gear or selling blues n yellows that are needed for mystic and crafting.

It's harder on HC where you may have to start over again. Softcore well once you get to 70 there's nothing that can take it away from you. Except seasons and starting anew totally.

I'm playing to have fun, why is gold supposed to be some great challenge for the hero Nephalem that saved the world?
Bounties on high torment lvls.. I gained over 100 million in just a few hours running t6 bounties... ofc Ican clear all 5 bounties on t6 in 8 minutes on average
pick up and sell everything. time consuming yes. lots of portals <_<' some kind of 'trash compactor' widget to sell crap on the go would be nice quality of life improvement for me
I pick up everything on rifts, I salvage between every rift. Then every other rift I sell my pick ups. I haven't dropped below 110 mil and still manage my transmogs etc... It's basically resource management. For instance when the devs said whites and greys would be required I collected every nor I found and salvaged til I hit 3j in common and reusable parts I have done the same for blues and yellows. Now I just salvage a legend when I need it for a mod or an upgrade. This doesn't impaCt my gold one bit. But saves me in the end.
Try powerleveling low level players. Get them to make a T6 game and just absolutely destroy everything...I always do it for free because you collect money so fast this way.
07/12/2014 03:26 PMPosted by mysticrhino
Is that 50% really that much when just upping the torment bar gets you a whole lot more?

Ahhhhh, problem found :)

They changed this just recently so now gold find is MULTIPLICATIVE with the gold find bonus from torment. So yeah, even small amounts can make non-trivial differences.
The T6 Rifts are good cash too.
Once I finished jade with quetz, playing on t5 skyrocke3ted my gold income.
i just play the game ..

Enchanting can be very addictive and I limit myself to one enchant per day when costs go over 1 million/enchant. After a few more tries, I *try* to stop completely though it can be very hard ;p

To get gold, I do mostly act 1 solo bounty at T6 with the WD and Eirena (also in the hope of getting another RoRG). Explore every chest, dead body, anything that is clickable. This can get very annoying in group play and may lead to you being kicked out.

Stack equipment with Gold Find on Eirena: The Grand Vizier (77%), Kymbo's Gold (167%), Stolen Ring (32%), Puzzle Ring (33%). In this way, the WD can concentrate on the kill. Having a Smoking Thurible on Eirena helps quite a bit on the kill too :D

Watch out for the Skeleton King bounty. Break EVERY single vase: there will always be one with lots and lots of gold. This bounty is my all time favorite. And if you can afford it, put paragon points into Gold Find.

You will end up having more gold than you have ever started. BTW, I have to remind myself not to go overboard with gem crafting ;)

Happy gold mining !!!
07/12/2014 03:24 PMPosted by THULSADOOM
Jade Dr. is a gold grabbin machine.

totally agree
Froggie is the pre-requisite
Please do not harrass other players as it does not help your stance. Really the answer is just to defeat evil. Do bounties, rifts and that such and build up your gold. As someone else stated, do not spend your gold like it's an infinite resource. Simply because you feel a need to fix your gear doesn't mean you have to immediately attempt to fix it. To live on the edge, you must play on the edge. To spend that gold, you have to make it first. There's no real shortcut to that. Play at the level you can play at safely, and make more gold for you to make another shot at rerolling.

07/12/2014 03:22 PMPosted by mysticrhino
Wow..... that's totally helpful. I never though to kill monsters. Do expand upon your theory.
07/12/2014 05:09 PMPosted by DeadRu
LoL he has 10 rerolled items on one character. he has a spending problem not a gathering one.

You have poison damage on an amulet while running a fire build, vitality on your RoRG, and LPS on your other ring.
most people have million, billions of gold are those from D3V. Back then you can easily buy gold. Some bought their gold and carry over to the expansion
you only need to reroll very rarely if at all ... if you're rerolling anywhere near 10 times on one item you're doing it wrong.
Troll post.

The guy knows why he has no gold.

He's complaining about the cost of upping gems and using mystic.

Quit upping gear and play and he'd have lots of gold.
07/12/2014 03:15 PMPosted by mysticrhino
I frequently have less than 4k gold because I'm constantly having to spend a million per reroll at the mystic and generally having to reroll more than 10 times a stat just to get something 'close' to what I need. I just can't seem to have anywhere near enough gold to keep up with enchanting and gems and whatnot.

I don't bother to reroll stats for marginal improvements for a ridiculous cost. But be my guest. I'm doing fine with gold. Maybe once 2.1 comes along you'll get lucky enough to get into the treasure realm. That'll set you up for a little while.

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