help...drop rate of PRIDE'S FALL

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Dear game master:
thanks for your patience and helping first.

May you help me check the drop rate of PRIDE'S FALL.
(or maybe check my account's drop rate tables)

I'm gathering lots of A3 Horadric Caches
for only one reason: PRIDE'S FALL.
(Legendary Helm, only drops from Horadric Caches)

Three months have passed,
I'm still gathering and gathering A3 Horadric Caches.
Yesterday I opened 70 Horadric Caches and still lost a bet.
(you can see the stored video from youtube)

At the same date(Yesterday),
I opened Horadric Caches in PTR and got 2 PRIDE'S FALL!
(you can see the stored video from youtube, I used it to fight T6 final boss in HC mode)
Sure. it's the ideal gear, the one I have dreamed of over 3 months.
But, PTR's gear is temporary.
Please help me, thanks again.

I also farmed for a long time to get one, and after all that grinding -- ended up not even using it. For one, it took up the one free slot granted by RRoG that I mostly use for T&T. Two, it's not impossible to go long stretches without taking any damage, but the buff seemed to be down more than it was up. Especially in T5&6.
I just started farming for this last week; only ~50 T2 caches into the process... hey, I farmed well over 300 bags for a DEX RoRG so until I get into that territory I'm not even mad. I prefer T2 for bonus drop rates (got 2 belts and 2 axes from 50 bags), so it seems to make a difference over NORMAL. Also, my build can clear whole rooms on T2 in 1-2 hits and E's are 5 secs so I doubt I could go much much faster. If anybody has DPS and some speed, you can join the hunt!

(ps. I've been giving away bags every run, so add me up for free bags dethaxe#1328)
I'm trying a new DH build : infinite Smoke Screen and Sentrys.
You can see this video...
It works most of the time, if you know how to use infinite Smoke Screen.(DH)

Unfortunately, I play in Hardcord mode. thanks.
Aloha RNG
I got mine in 1 bag:

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