Disintegrate/Hydra Build

Hey guys. I have a couple quick questions for those of you able to play on the PTR right now. I am currently on my work rotation and unable to play.

Is a disintegrate/hydra build viable for greater rifts? I was thinking something like the new forked lightning, mammoth hydra (with my SS), disintegrate, blackhole, magic weapon (shield), and Prismatic. Just wanted some feedback since I feel like I would really enjoy that build. I play mainly in groups. I don't do a whole lot of solo. Also, I would have full firebird's with that build and a cindercoat for the chest piece.

My second question is about the legendary item that adds a socket to a weapon. My current SS is rerolled for the socket. Could i reroll it more for %damage and then use the item to gain the socket as well?

Thanks for any advice or answers you guys may have! I really appreciate it since I'm unable to test at the moment! Have a good one.
Right now it wouldn't work with firebirds, because of bugs. I don't think it would do too well, because you're sacrificing 3 slots for damage skills, leaving you with little room for Mirror images/gale force and other interesting combos. Just black hole isn't enough to keep you alive at high level Grifts.
So I'm assuming mirror images is going to be mandatory now? Also Gale force? What's looking like the best fire build that doesn't require WoW? I really liked the hydra build since my SS is pretty good. I was just hoping to incorporate disintegrate into the build.
07/18/2014 08:11 PMPosted by Phoenix
What's looking like the best fire build that doesn't require WoW?

IF they ever fix the bugs, Hydra+firebird's looking to be the best build without WoW. I've done some testing with disintegration+firebird, but it's also bugged, so I can't say much about that.
About mirror images: They are awesome for fire builds. They cast gale force, which increases the damage you deal by 75% at full stacks. They also tank projectiles for you and cast black hole, frost nova and blizzard. It's the only wizard skill that actually has synergies. In my opinion there's no reason to not use them, except if you're going with a build that absolutely requires other skills. Too bad they are glitched right now, but hopefully they fix it next ptr patch, so we can resume to test firebird's true potential.
Look I belive there going to get the bugs out of Firebird set before releasing 2.1.

Lighting/Ice/Arcane all got better.

Fire still the best with firebird 6pc+4pc for Higher level Greater Rifts.

Here is how Higher level Greater Rifts are going down right now on PTR.

You hit a point were you need every point of dps you can get that's why were all going to be using firebird at this point.

Second thing that go's on in Higher Greater Rifts is getting killed in one shot. Best thing a Wizard can do at this point for Def is Force Armor+Unstable Anomaly+firebird 4pc.

Secondly your probly going to want to use Duplicates+Illusionist+Event Horizon.

That leaves you 3 fire attack skills to pick out.

But I recomend that one of this attack skills be Gale Force. It do's ok dmg it's fire dmg and it adds a 15% fire dmg debuff to mobs. Also it now spawns at your mouse pointer location.

A strong second recommendation is Mammoth Hydra. And if you do us Mammoth Hydra right now and possably at release Mammoth Hydra do's not work with firebird do to Hydra's being labled as a pet. Firebird works with your dmg not pet dmg. Also if they dont fix the lighting affix problem on mobs and Hydra's you will have no chose but to forget this one. No one can stand up to the lighting bug in higher Greater Rifts.

So alot of people will probly go Conflag+Mirror Ball even though the Dot is weak the DDx3 is strong and can max firebird dot fast and never run out of AP.

On the other hand Dis fire rune is great. With Cindercoat I can perma channel it. Making it another great pick over Conflag+MB combo.
07/18/2014 08:11 PMPosted by Phoenix
What's looking like the best fire build that doesn't require WoW?

Look into the Galehydra build.


It's probably the same or even better than the WoH build. A few players have been successfully getting some nice GR levels (35+) with it. My highest was GR32. On a single target, I would say around 250-300m edps. That's good considering that it's an AOE + CC build.

I did try fire disintegrate, but it's not a good idea. I did add a Lightning Blizzard version to this build. I think those stack, so basically it's MIs just double stacking your hydra damage. Enjoy.
Thanks for the replies guys. I was hoping to be able to incorporate disintegrate and hydra into a build but that may not be feasible. I did have a little time to kill this morning so I was able to log on for about an hour. I did t6 just fine using disintegrate/hydra with frost nova, prismatic, event horizon, and magic weapon deflection. I want to test some greater rifts, but I haven't been able to get to that point. I will probably look into galehydra. Thanks again!

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