Eye of Etlich and EB build


When I do solo T6 my gear will be just like in my profile, thanks to the help of double Unity. But when I do public game, when I swap my Unity for SoJ, each range damage I got will be so painful. So, I'll put on my Eye of Etlich that has stat like following

745 Int << Reroll
+10% CC
96 AR
+20% Fire Damage

-32 % Range Damage
-7% % Melee Damage

Problem is, it doesnt' have +CHD so my Chain Reaction blast will be around 6-7m to white while the current setup in my profile do 7.5-8.5m to white.

I'm trying to reroll Int to CHD for more than 35m already but the best I got was +63% CHD so I always stayed with Int.

Question is, since I never successfully reroll int to high CHD before, is it worth keep trying to get > 85% CHD or not? will thare be significant different between 745 Int and > 85% CHD?
Critical damage is a lot better than main stats. I have a similar eye of etlich on my crusader.

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