[Suggestion] Familiar revamping

We all know that Familiar is mostly used as a damage buff with Sparkflint, but it really gets redundant when we have Magic Weapon around, so maybe it's time to propose a change in their functionality while 2.1 is still under development.

I don't know if someone mentioned it already, but IMO Familiar could work like this:

Unruned (Arcane)
- Casting Familiar summons an entity that increases your Armor by 20%.
- Familiar lasts for 30 seconds, with a 60 second cooldown.

Sparkflint (Fire)
- While Familiar is active, your attack speed is also increased by 10%.
- When the familiar dies, it explodes for 2000% weapon damage as fire.

Icicle (Cold)
- Familiar will periodically cast a Frozen Pulse spell which have a 20% chance of freezing enemies for 1 second.

Ancient Guardian (Arcane)
- While Familiar is active, your resistances are also increased by 10%.
- Grants immunity to all Crowd Control effects for 10 seconds.

Arcanot (Lightning)
- Emits lightning sparks that have a 10% chance of stunning a nearby enemy for 1 second.
- While Familiar is active, movement speed is increased by 10%.

Runic Guardian (Arcane)
- While Familiar is active, reduce all costs for all spells by 20%

Then, do the following:
The Swami (Legendary Wizard Hat): - Reduce the cooldown of Familiar to 45 seconds.
Chantodo's Resolve (Legendary Set): - Your Familiar mimicks all your equipped Signature Spells. (2-set bonus)

Whatcha think?

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