wizard spike + frozen orb

i just found 1 with 24% chance of hurling a frozen orb on attack
is it any good for cold wiz?
im thinking of building a cold wiz

and about frozen orb
dont u hate the animation of it?
i mean d2 frozen orb was so cool
the shreds flew much farther
the orb itself flew much further
the d3 version looks like frozen spit
it's terrible. it has an internal cooldown, so the 24% chance doesn't actually mean 1/4 attacks will launch a frozen orb.
It does not have an internal cooldown. I've seen it proc off itself before - 2 orbs fly out almost immediately one after another from pressing 1 attack.
if it doesnt have internal cd then it should be viable for cold wiz
i just played abit today with cold build at t1
mirror ball+serphent sparker = 2 hydra and a barrage of g spike
it is probbly not viable for higher torment but for now its super fun

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