*Steal something from the Wizard above you*

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I wan't that ammy or sunkeeper!
09/16/2014 06:56 AMPosted by immortalNS

dat hellfire

Your Firebird's Talons
09/16/2014 07:07 AMPosted by RoGeR

Your Firebird's Talons

I'll be taking that Furnace, please.

The FB pants, better rolls then mine.

Witching Hour
@ BDE, Countess Julia's Cameo, nice!

Them magefists or the ammy.

Your cindercoat.

You wouldnt believe how long Ive been looking for one.
09/16/2014 09:36 AMPosted by Funkmasterdt

Your cindercoat.

You wouldnt believe how long Ive been looking for one.

Dat SoJ. God I need one so bad.

i'd take that mara's kaleidescope in a heartbeat. might also be fun to play with that maximus.
@Ryoko - Magefist on "Ryoko" for sure absolutely no question about it. :)
@metalJet666 - Wand of Woh on Tarja. I have always wanted one, but can't get the drop.
@Pelterboy - Those magefists. I've always wanted a trifecta of those... even after having 20 or 30 drop, no luck there :-(

Mine: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ElderBrE-1891/hero/59052
@ ElderBre - OMG those hexing pants are calling my name, not only a rare item but great rolls

Still yet to see those ever in game and must give a quite a substantial dmg boost were always moving in greater rifts 100% of the time
@Chesffster your Furnace please!!
ElderBrE - Tasker and Theo, I know it egsist but not for me so far. Have some nice SS in my box waiting for one of those.
I was late lol

My char http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/kimi-2332/hero/39954385

I'd have a go at that witching hour... nice pull!

Those strong arm bracers for sure. I just can't seem to find a pair!

My season wizard is officially stronger than my nonseason, so steal from her instead :)
I'd steal your shoulders...

PS: Elektra is my main wiz at the moment...

That Serpent's Sparker is quite good!

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