Hc noob

haven't played a lot in hc before,
was thinking of making a new hc char and starting from scratch,
im tossing up between witch doctor or crusader, which 1 would be best choice out of the 2 and easier for a hc noob to grasp

sorry in advance about spelling errors and punctuation
The title of your thread reminds me of something....I just don't know what it is atm...

Anyway, welcome to hc. Play the character that you like most and don't let anybody change your mind. You can't go wrong w/ wd or sader at the game's current state.
you will get to make both if you stay with it, Death is just around the corner to help you try both if not all characters. I play a WD mainly since the pets have a slight chance to keep me alive if a power failure occurs or my ISP decides it's time to reboot the router. It's a lot of fun on HC and expect to die...a lot. Careful joining public games, some player enjoy watching you get geared up and lure you in to a death trap.
thanks think i might run a crusader, never really played a wd before and i have a sc crusader, but im over the sc experience want something a bit more challenging, iv made a few hc chars before but they seem to die real easy, but iv never really been that devoted to hc as i am now just a new spin on an old game
and thanks MegaTDog, on the advice of people luring into ultimate demise
A pet doc with acid rain as a spender is a pretty easy char to keep alive and run T1 or T2 rifts with just rares. It makes some farming to find other gear and blood shards a bit easier so you can branch out into other classes.

I play 99% solo so it was a natural for me. If you party you can be a little more loose as you can stat up for crowd control or party assist and not be a total waste.

My personal favorites are WD and Wiz but I am having a blast when I use the new barb I geared up.

Welcome aboard. A couple truths. You will die. You will die when it isn't your fault. Yes it sucks every single time. Save gold and supplies, they are very useful. The mystic is your friend.
Im prepared to die, but that is the fun in it, iv heard you can die from discon but again if that happens i will just take it on the chin and start again, my fav char is demon hunter but iv been reading a lot on the forums and found out that they just arent that good defence wise or damage wise, so might steer clear of them for a while, but thanks for the advice on the pet doc Generalpie
i think both are a good choice. i would say the best points of WD is that it is very beginner friendly. no special sets required, really the only thing to look for is a mask of jeram and a tasker and theo (those are the items that will take you from t3-6). the build is also very flexible.

crusader is similar, but you'll want the akkhan set down the road. it also takes advantage of many new concepts introduced into RoS (ie cooldown reduction)

demon hunter is getting there, its always been an advanced class but theyre making it more friendly. ive been playing one on the ptr and its a blast

id say just make sure your connection is solid; use a wired setup if you can, and dont let anything download in the background (itunes, steam, origin, windows updates). i used to DC a lot but those tips made my connection such that i almost never dc :).
with the new gear, i find that gearing in HC isnt so different from SC anymore. i would say gear a little defensive starting out at 70 just to get used to things, then gradually scale back in favor of offense :)

sounds like you have a good attitude, welcome from all of us and best of luck :).
thanks for the advice isolation, i think i read somewhere to gear more defensively rather than damage, yeah my connection is pretty solid, havent experienced many problems in disconnection, and no latency issues but just to be on the safe side i did just reinstall a fresh copy of windows on my laptop tonight so now waiting for diablo to reinstall again
I'v heard you can die from discon but again if that happens i will just take it on the chin and start again

I treat disco-deaths just like a bad affix roll in my head. Bad luck, game over. Time to reroll. I almost got crushed by some elite armored destroyers out of nowhere last night. It would have been pretty similar to a disconnect... one second your alive, the next you're not.
oh and something I learned not too long ago (just last week) toughness is huge on HC not just vitality. Having killed off an over 1 million hp WD that had over 1million in damage stepping in to T4 was painful. Now my Wd has 23mil toughness 700k life and does about 980k dps and I am able to take on T5 and tip toe in T6 at 70. Good luck.
Welcome to HC!

DH's will be better toughness wise in 2.1 with the change to dexterity. I haven't played a DH much, so I won't comment on that.

Crusader is an easy character to level since you are always wearing a shield (extra toughness) without sacrificing damage.

WD's are super safe if you play a pet WD, and if you take a couple passives to increase your number of zombie dogs, you'll have tons of meat shields to protect you.

I will say to play what you want. Ultimately, you have to enjoy the character and the playstyle. I will suggest that you keep the difficulty between hard and master as you level. I personally find playing on normal far too easy at any level.
havent been able to do hc yet since this post had to re over haul my laptop, fresh windows and everything so finally reinstalling diablo now
07/29/2014 07:02 AMPosted by Beaubie
Im prepared to die, but that is the fun in it, iv heard you can die from discon but again if that happens i will just take it on the chin and start again

Some people get really irritated by disco-deaths.

I tend to just look at it like any other RNG thing. How is it any different than rolling vortex/waller/frozen/arcane in a tight hallway?
Exactly and that is a bad combo to rill the amount of times you get even just arcane on a roll and it's like 5 champions all doing it in a tight hallway sucks

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