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Alright..... I bought this game the day b4 yesterday. And started to freeze after update and what not. I deleted game data and save data to see if it would work. It didn't.. piss me off..
There are 3 ps3's on a Net-gear wireless router in my house.

I played with the forward port settings, on router web page, (Not sure if i did it correctly, 2 unknown devices were connected so i just picked 1 and put in 3074) reset my modem and router, and then reconnected my ps3 to the internet.

Everything was working fine online/offline. I played with the hommie for abut 2 hours early this morning.
Now about 45min ago i decided to jump back on. Now its back to crap again (not working).
Thing is, the kids ps3 is now connected to the WiFi. But it was off when i was playing earlier...

Also... I've done everything in this thread to try and get this working and a little more. Hope it kinda helps
Oh, yeah once the kids are done playing ill post if i can get it to work agin.
Sooooo.. I turned off all ps3's (besides mine). Rest modem and router. Reconnected my ps3 to the WiFi.... And BAM!!!! I'm back online!!!! With NO freezing!

Now, Im not sure if the port forward thing had anything to do with me being able to play online again (even tough I'm not sure if i even port forwarded correctly). But that's how i got it to work, and hope it helps sum1 like me, who only plays online! And im play'in right now if u wanna see!

fck_you_420- Ps3
As long as you are not signed in it does not appear to be an issue, it still gives the same message, but if I am signed in however it will pop up the same message but then freezes up again when i click accept. This appears to be an online issue. Please fix it!
I'm running fine. Had to call my service provider and get the DNS IP and switch to "Static IP" in my router settings. Haven't had a problem since.
Any estimate on when this will be fixed or if it will effect the expansion that I have on pre order?
I cannot play Diablo 3 at all on my PS3 at the moment. Freezes every time and I have to force shut down my ps3.
signing off psn seems to work for me, but i make sure i save before going into the main menu.
I just got off my wireless game play and connected it with a wire to my router and know it does not freeze anymore it changed my IP address
I can play online know with no freezing
i cant seem to find online games so im just trying to get damn staff of herding plans...good thing is i got key of hate and infernal machine plans so far so not all bad =)
I have two ps3's setup on the same network. After the update Diablo 3 worked fine on one but if I tried the second one it wouldn't work (online).
Mine worked fine but after the update it is freezing and lots of lag.
Working fine for me now after booting up the game and it automatically installed patch 1.0.4. Glad they got it fixed so quickly.
my xbox 360 version froze and deleted all of my hard drive data. i had 41 of the 45 achievements, 4 level 60 charecters, and 1 witchdoctor that could run inferno master V with no difficulty,I was on paragon 45, and i saved 24 infernal machines to be ready to do them when the new expansion came out. I love the diablo series and i used to play the diablo 2 LOD with much anticipation on diablo 3 to come out. Now i really dont know if i will be playing since all of my hours of fun play and finds have gone down the drain. please help me blizzard my email is
08/08/2014 10:08 AMPosted by FlashyDeath
Working fine for me now after booting up the game and it automatically installed patch 1.0.4. Glad they got it fixed so quickly.

1.0.4 patch was what I downloaded last night, it was 22mb. I did not get the 1.0.3 one. No issues with mine as well. Played for several hours and nothing came up.
First, when is the patch coming to Europe and other regions?

We fixed our 1.0.3 crashing issue with a workaround for local multiplayer Diabs.

Step 1 - Turned network connection off on PS3 (possibly not necessary)
Step 2 - Logged in a different PS3 account that already had a different Diablo toon.
Step 3 - Loaded game and added 2nd character. Selected main PS3 account that had original crashing issue.

Upon loading the second (original) account as player 2, we still saw the same incompatibility pop that was previously causing the crash, but this time we were able to hit X and get through it OK.

Game is working now and we are back to slaying nublets but still hoping the patch will be released for us soon.
I have a ps3 diablo game and I saw that it told me that the patch was downloaded. I went into the game and it does not look like it is on my game. It varies on some noticeable details from another players game. How do I redownload the patch?
^ care to elaborate?
so we need a PS3 to transfer our save over ?

I have it in the cloud , but sold the PS3 of course ...
still having problems after logging out, exporting data then trying to connect to a friends party or play solo, will freeze at the loading screen, the blizzard joke support telling me to move my console to a ventilated area is a joke and this back and forth between whether its sonys area or yours is even bigger, its your patch, its your problem...

fix it

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