Alacrity Bugged?

Can't seem to notice the 15% IAS even after spending spirit and attacking stuff.
Same here but it says it's only for spirit generators so maybe it's not included in the stats tab.
I tested this via frame rate tests on the PTR.

It correctly increases your gen's APS mods by 1.15x

So FoT goes from 1.35 to 1.55

IAS and weapon speed are both further multiplied.

1h sword with 45%ias (sheet) using FoT and Alac =
1.4 (sword) * 1.45 (ias) * 1.55 (FoT*alac) = 3.15 APS

It is possible they broke it since my tests but somewhat unlikely.

Note: because it does not act like IAS (it is multiplied separately) it will not show up in your character sheet in any way.

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