Trying to up my DPS

I just got the expansion recently, and am trying to get a feel for the game again. I'm trying to up my DPS, which is currently sitting at around 170k. Looking for input on what items/skills I should be trying to get or use. Any suggestions for a build would be very helpful as well.
I would take that helm and bracer to the mystic and reroll vit off both items looking for critical hit chance. Easy critical hit damage you can get by taking vitality off your yellow weapon and inserting an emerald. Or just hunt for a nice socketed weapon.

For rings you want crit chance, crit damage, main stat dex, and then an affix that you need. A good amulet is similar to a ring except the last item affix would need to be elemental % damage of the main type you use.

Building a character takes time so just go out there and enjoy testing your skills and items. The important part is to not let the frustrating times get you to stop. Stop because you choose to. Good hunting and good luck.
I'll try that. Thanks.
I wrote up a bit of a starter guide for new monks over on reddit. Covers basic gearing, skill choices etc.

Here's the link if you're interested:

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