In Prep for 2.1, Who wants to farm on live?

I've probably played less than 5 hrs on live since the release of PTR so I'm missing a ton of gear. My SWK is way far from being complete..

Anyone wanna farm and share loot? If i find something I don't need and it's better than what you have, I'lll give it to you & vice versa. Currently looking for Rimeheart, SWK Amulet, SWK helm, BT belt .

T6 only please. Don't really care what class you are as long as you can speed farm at a effective rate.

Well in terms of monk, I only have a zDPS set up right now. But let me know if you're interested.
I have decent enough dps to contribute to a group whether it's a zdps(duh its our obvious party build of choice) or a proper dps build. But as I'm sure you know for the dps build we are squishy and will have to basically kill them before they kill us. I am myself on the hunt for the rimeheart also, but the big flaw for me is my 3 keys, my clanmates always open for me.
Shatterpalm + ZDS + WQWweng's Physical build = monk rapage on live if you guys wanna do 4 man monks.
I would be interested...frostburns still elude me, but my shatterpalm set is pretty good otherwise. I can also use my crusader or DH which are very fast at clearing t6. I have not been playing monk that much, but want to gear him up for 2.1. I will be on later tonight and add you when I get home.
i want a 2nd Unity SWK ammy, and Frostburns, but alas, my monk on live is not T6 capable... unless i go S&B...

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