2 Monk with Unity passive in the same party ?

What happens ? Does the buff stack for themselves ? Does the buff stack for their allies ? I don't play Monk so I'm not familiar with this mechanic but I'm curious to know how it works.

Each ally affected by your Mantras increases your damage by 5%, up to a maximum of 20%, and has 5% increased damage.

Let's say we are 3 (2 Monk, 1 Dh) :

  • Does the DH recieve +15% (5% each person) or +30% ?
  • Does the Monk count in "Each ally" or not (in that case is that +10% only (or +20%)) ?

Thanks a lot for your answers !
allies receive only 5 %
the monk gets20% both of them
So it stacks for the Monk but not for the allies ? Shouldn't the Monk only get 15% with 3 person ? (10% from his and 5% from the other)

Both monks will get +15% (5x2 Allies afftected, 5 by being afftected by other monk)
DH would get +10% (5x2 being afftected by 2 monks)

Fyi Mystic allies count as allies.
MoC doesn't count as that affects enemies not allies.
It also seems to count per mantra, ie Inna 4pc ;)
Thanks for the clarification !

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