CW:RT - Holy?

Just a quick question... with the focus on holy damage in recent changes (looking at you, monkey king), I was wondering about holy spirit spenders...

in particular: why is crippling wave:rising tide not holy? it would synergize perfectly

I think Sunwukos proc damage is so high, the spirit generator element is of little to no consequence.
OP, CW RT is holy in 2.1 PTR
08/19/2014 09:48 AMPosted by Bacon
OP, CW RT is holy in 2.1 PTR

Isn't it Holy on Live?
If it is - apologies^^
without rune CW is physical, and there is no reference to holy in either the skill calc or the patch notes
It was changed on RoS. I remember thinking since Empowered Wave is Holy and only needed 40 spirit, why would anyone want a Holy generator.

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