Lightning Monk in need of advice

Hello. Just got back into D3 after a long absence. Currently running a Lightning based monk. Seemed to have peaked at T3 anything higher I struggle. I wanted to ask the fine monk community to give me a gear check or perhaps look at my spec and give me some ideas on where to improve or focus my upgrade on. Thanks in advance!

6pc raiment with jawbreaker
Wait till 2.1 goes live!

Then you can build rimendt + jawbreaker or even (what i'm playing right now in ptr) generator build.

You'll need TF + OS/WKL/SOH + eye of the storm (+ thundergod vigor)

LTK lightning doesn't hit very hard but the stun effect is really useful.
SW cyclone hit hard enough with the new buff (and you can play season to find the new fist weapon).

With my generator uild i faceroll easily T6 but i can't pass GR27. At least it's very fun to play with. (Legendary gems: mini conduit + semplicity)
I'm no expert, just started playing about a month ago so I can only tell you from my experience. I'm doing T4 very comfortable and venturing into T5. Need to get CHD on my amulet, work in progress.

You will definitely need at least one more piece of the Raiment set for the dashing strike proc. If you can go with a TF, I see lots and lots of folks using the TF, so it can't be all bad.

I have a TF and usually go with a WKL which has extra lightning damage on it. I do switch to the jawbreaker now and again which is a good fist for dashing strike proc.

Looks like you have the CHD and the CHC in the right area. Oh, upgrade your gems, you are missing out on another 240 in dex and another 20% in CHD.

If you can get one to drop for you, an Eye of the storm is a decent helm that can have almost 30% lightning damage on it.
Thanks for all the feed back, I just had a jaw breaker drop for me last night so ill plan on playing around with the dashing strike build. Still gambling away for my eye of storm. with the DS jawbreaker setup which would be better running odyn son or wkl? MH or OH ?

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