What's the purpose of levels 1-69?

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For me, the journey in Diablo 2 by character was always fun. I never rushed much and loved to start a fresh char in norm/nm/hell etc. There were always people playing, just just farming baal. I remember I used to farm meph to get gear for my mid level characters.

In Diablo 3, story has no point. Everyone plays Rifts or Bounties. It is boring.
08/14/2014 04:34 PMPosted by Blashyrkh
I've asked this several times as well. Some people claim it allows you to "get acquainted with your character", seemingly oblivious about the fact you can do exactly the same thing at lvl 70 just by trying everything. They could simply eliminate that tedious chore and simply start the game at Plvl1 and it would literally make no difference at all. I mean, aside from some artificial "progression" through an entirely predefined and irrelevant stats pattern and an arbitrary skill unlock layout, there isn't really much to be said from that initial leveling bracket. It's not even like the higher your level the more powerful your skills are, since a lot of the runes unlocked at higher levels are pretty much useless.

true :) design is total mess, and no point of playing 1-70, but it is mandatory :)

having -35 reduced level items, no level requirement gems, hellfire rings/amys, trash 1-69 items, shared paragon levels (starting with 25% MS where you have 0 chance of getting this from items), etc. meaningless skills/runes which nobody uses but they are unlocked @ high levels... so flawed/so bad, i dunno what to say... it is just a big shame for Blizzard...

My recommendation for Blizzard is, leave D3 as is, change the team & decision makers (get rid of all WoW soul from diablo) and work on D4...

There may be big failures in history of franchises:

look at windows: Windows Me is a big failure
look at XCom series: there is one in series called "XCom Enforcer" where they tried something different from its roots... total garbage...

"In a 2012 retrospective article, Richard Cobbett of PC Gamer made fun of the relatively high Metacritic score that this "crap" game has received and called Enforcer "one of the worst spin-offs ever squirted out on the PC."

It is wise to admit the failure, not waste any energy & resource on this mess and look ahead...
03/26/2015 09:52 AMPosted by Spades
Let's just open up all the games to allow under 70 to join torment games in that case :), raise a whole different issue.

not a big issue to solve...

add a rule: "to join to public, you need X amount of XP"
or unlock something like "Time to Party" after some XP... where that XP can be equal to the XP to get into the Level 70 or double of it :)

actually rule should be this:

When someone levels a class up to 70, then that account unlocks "L70 Class X" so user can re-roll any character for that class @ Level70, no need to play 1-70 again & again... with this solution, that player will have some gears for that character since he already played that class & collected some gears...
It needed to get to level 70. without them, 70 wouldn't exist...

Daaaaaaa... :D
Don't understand why we even need to level to 70 though now. We don't have hell, inferno etc. Mainly because if you played Vanilla you know what I am talking about. More difficult to power level a longer process than it is now. Their mistake was making adventure mode before they fixed a lot of other issues, first. Throwing seasons in the mix kind of wasn't a good idea at the moment really either. If they would have thought about this maybe the game would be better but with rushing into things and not planning anything out can lead to this. Their time and energy never was into this game for the player, only for their own purposes. That is what I am seeing now.


Please someone explain to my why we have this when all we get is 15 character slots and they are not adding more. Will that not lead to another mess? Stash space is limited also, so will that not lead to another mess? Whatever will we do with all these new exciting legendaries we get in seasons? Especially after the 10th season lmao. No room, No more characters to play for the season cause we cant make more.

Story Mode:

Please someone explain to me why we have this when we have no benefits for playing it besides the one auto leg drop for first time at end for boss. Maybe when another expansion comes out but c'mon who the hell actually is playing story mode now that has a paragon over 1 or that has already defeated diablo?


Please someone explain to me why we have this or why we don't have this? Why in the hell do we even need to put this in the game at the moment non completed?

I could go on but I wont right now. Way to depressing to see a good game that has the potential struggle. :(

OK hopefully they focus on fixing the !@#$ that they need to fix first then maybe focus on the %^-* that people want. Just a suggestion, please Blizzard don't add anything else until you can work on what issues need to be a priority.
Level 1-69 gives you the chance to realize that unless you are a demon hunter you should re-roll.
How do I get into groups with people? How do people join my match and how do I join theirs?

If I join theirs does it progress my story? Will it skip?

Help please..I love this game

Quote from another concerned player.

Why is it I quote this you ask and why did I put it in here. Mainly because he is level 31 and probably the only person that low level making a character on non season. He is new and there is no one to group with on non season. Now if he made a season there could be a chance that there is someone in a public game, but also highly doubt it. Why you ask because everyone and I do mean everyone in season either gets power leveled or once they do make it to 70 they probably wont play another character at low level they continue to use the ones that are earning the paragon levels at 70.

But why do you even play seasons once you get the items. I know its not for paragon levels if that was the case why would you rather not level your non season with all the exp gear? Yes it is nice to get more para levels from it but in reality its not even enough you might as well just focus on leveling that non season.

My point is before getting to 60 and playing story mode when you first play the game was interesting and a challenge. Now it isn't. Plus, there is no benefit from obtaining the levels, besides earning slots for skills. If you already have made a 60, 70 and defeated diablo earned all the achievements, should you really have to do it over again?

Having the game being online with a shared community, interacting with other people is what the game should be about. If you cant even find anyone to play with what is the purpose. I am not quite sure what the developers are trying to accomplish but their goals seem kind of unrealistic to me at this time.
To make people snicker when they achieve 69.
08/14/2014 03:51 PMPosted by Deso
1 - Any loot 1-69 is effectively trash, it's SAD to drop a good item at this level range.

Lies, there are a few items that are worth keeping low level version of until you find the level 70 piece with correct rolls.

I sported a level 53 Gungdo gear for a quite a while until I found a level 70 pair and they were still extremely effective.
08/14/2014 03:51 PMPosted by Deso
However, after the first time I complete 1-70 with any class, why do I have to start all over?

if you ever play hardcore you would understand ;)

and starting from lv1 is always a fun journey at least for me =D

1 - Any loot 1-69 is effectively trash, it's SAD to drop a good item at this level range.
2 - I probably already played the boring 1-70 with the same class I'll play in the ladder.
3 - There's no strategy involved in leveling 1-70, it's just a fixed result grind.
4 - It makes creating characters a chore and makes people less likely to try different classes

i dont know what to say about this...theres is a lot of replayability in this game for me at least.
08/14/2014 08:45 PMPosted by Goodbrew
Since everything in this game is dolled our in terms of pure RNG, you get to compete to see who is lucky enough to find their items fastest!

This ^
Because 69 is the best level you can get.
Levels 1-69 is where you feel any semblance of character progression. But that progression is an illusion because once at max level, everything is unlocked anyway (due to this on-rails design that is inherent in the games core systems).

And as others mentioned, dynamic difficulty has really made these levels meaningless. For the most part, it is a holdover from the original Normal-Nightmare-Hell-Inferno scaling plus general time sink to give the game a further illusion of longevity (though power leveling and gem of ease tosses that aspect out the window).

Because lower level legendary/set items do not scale at max level (an outcome of the underlying design), most every piece of item found during that journey, ends up being transitional at best when at max level where the next objective is "graduating" into the difficulties where the better rewards are (items with levels between 61-69 are at least useful since those can be salvaged into a starter set of souls used for re-rolling the initial level 70 legs/sets).

Basically, we really start playing the game at level cap because the core design dictates using max level items to progress in power from that point. The designers also displayed how they do no like it when legacy/lower level items outclass the loot 2.0 designs (which is why the enchanting lockout and original excuse that loot 2.0 items were designed that way to balance out their power - while in the process, designing greater rifts with infinite scaling, and introducing power creep to go along with that design).

The designers to their credit have shown some consistency with a linear/on-rails design ethos so the next expansion will more than likely be the same thing... level cap of 80 with 1-79 being an initial minor time sink (and those level 80 items having even larger numbers to deal with the power creep associated with legendary gem rankings). Basically, the current meta of RoS is to keep players playing/coming back for patches until the next expansion hype can begin. Then rinse and repeat for that expansion -> PROFIT for Blizzard :D
I certainly enjoyed running S2 from 1-70 - and even the first 100 paragon levels. After that it became a repetitive grind chasing elusive gear and hoping RNG falls in your favor.

Once you have hit level 70, I don't see the point for forcing people back through it. With a good T6 capable character helping level a new toon, it only takes 1 hour - and that's without a gem of ease and hellfire ring.

Earlier today I leveled a new WD (with gem of ease and HF ring) for a friend and it took about 15-20 minutes to go from 1-70 running a single T6 rift - we didn't even get close to doing a full clear. I killed the RG around level 65 and finished up soon after that - so what is the point of this?
Tutorial would be close.

But level 60 is also top level for those poor bastards without RoS. So...

Whats the purpose of levels 1-59 and 61-69?

I've leveled (slow leveled) plenty of characters and usually have an idea of what I want to do at level 70. But usually during leveling I'll find a few low level Legs that are gameplay changing and push me into builds I wouldn't have tried. And then when I get to 70 I end up playing something I hadn't really planned but find alot of fun.

So even though I would agree with anyone that said leveling under 70 is tedious, I don't think it is devoid of value.
For Hardcore: Keep it as-is for obvious reasons.

For Seasons: Keep it as-is for obvious reasons, too.

For Softcore: I think a viable solution would be a milestone type of program where 1 of 2 things happen:

1. Once a specific class has been leveled to 70 via normal leveling process, you can simply start another character of that same class at 70.

2. Once you have leveled all classes to 70 via regular leveling process, all future non-season, non-hardcore characters can be automatically started at 70.

You don't really gain much from either of these since this really only helps people that want to have multiple characters of the same class. But, I do not believe that anyone should be able to start a class at level 70 if they have no experience with that class. At that point, just get rid of levels altogether, which is an entirely different discussion where you simply have a character, mobs, and gear and it is what it is without all the arbitrary restrictions.

I'd like to see games move more in that direction too. I'd even be a fan of getting rid of all these clown colors on gear that seem to have plagued games and go back to old school knowledge where the numbers and experience with the game drove the player to decide what gear to use, rather than some color. But I digress....
Someone earlier mentioned that all of our progression is pretty much through gear and paragon levels anyway. It seems like to me Blizzard needs to go back to the drawing board to make it meaningful, and if they can't figure out, just start everyone at level 70 (Or change 70 to level 1).

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