Ditching out on Invokers idea for 2.1

The proc chance doesnt really matter if they arent frozen right?

So go with weapon that freezes. Azure.. + old one for enchantress
Azurewrath seems to be working better plus it does more damage. Still need to get it comparable to SWK full holy.
If i still had a rime I would test, sadly i do not
what happened to invokers?
Scrapz what happened to your Rime? lol I wish you could trade I got a few. I figure your stash is a lil "neater" than mine.

It does work.. I have to get Dex or Str ( Live ) Invokers though to make it worth while to test.


I had heard Rime was proc'd by the thorns on Hack Axe, whose leg proc is thorns on attack. This interest was spawned after watching a Korean monk in GR 100 with Bar/Crus fairly legitimately clear the level. It appeared he was doing something with the Rimeheart to get it to proc more often and the barb clearly shows himself putting a Topaz in a weapon. He runs Avalance from the room behind while the monk, who was without a doubt excessively skilled, shatter palmed. Still not sure what the Crusader was doing tBH. I haven't seen it in a while.. anyway-

If you read Invokers (4) set it says your thorns now hits everything in a 15 yard radius. I figured maybe it will work on attack with Hack and it does. So obviously Invokers by itself makes that defense an AoE proc so if anything is frozen there is a chance that it could shatter (live) or take 10k Weapon Damage Cold (PTR). It seemed apparent right away that it was working for on hit to make an AoE proc chance for everything frozen around me.

*( I had tried Death's Bargain [ Life per Second ~800% WD to everything within X radius pants no longer gain LPS.. they are bounty reward ] pants beforehand and couldnt manage to keep something frozen long enough to tell if it was me proc'ing Rime or the pants. I would lean towards no, even though it seemed to. Everytime my enchantress froze something I never saw a shatter just from them being frozen near me. )

First I just made sure that there were white numbers appearing on enemies of both sides of me when I would attack (thorns application). Then making sure I got some of those frozen and on film and me attacking a completely opposite direction so that I couldn't have proc'd just with WotHF Fists of Fury (which is our best proc rate spell I know of). Now when I say that thorns has a proc chance I am not saying its extremely high although there are times I've ran into white groups and insta shatter-- usually running palm so whatever didn't get shattered got blown up. Had to resist temptation for test.

Now keep in mind I have Int Invoker's which isn't optimal for ZDPS Live or DPS cold monk 2.1 BUT:

Live it works fairly well (I just have to run Hard Target in 6 to make up for armor loss):
Mind you this is first video I ever uploaded and it's purely just to see it work definitively not to show its viability.


There's 3 parts where I can clearly enough see that I was hitting a mob with Way of Hundred Fist it froze and it exploded behind me when attacking infont.. (First pack, best is prob :59s mark, and one right before end of video).

In this second video I am on PTR in Act IV.


BTW I did kill that thing after so we're all clear.. lol. It just happened to be the clearest instance of Elite's taking damage behind me.. Remember they don't shatter on PTR its just 10,000% Weapon Damage at a lower than average proc and they need to be frozen so..

The problem has been on PTR apparently for whatever reason monsters are not staying frozen. Druin was testing this as well and I think he came to the conclusion that monsters were not staying frozen long enough. To use this in Grifts you would want to be able to use it on the Rift Guardian which is possible its just extremely hard to keep an RG frozen. Even stun doesnt seem to be holding as long as it should or sometimes completely ignored on elites in PTR.

And that leaves me up to this thread where I am saying it makes more of a difference to use something that freezes more than gives extra proc chance to Rime. I have been using Azurewrath with my enchantress using an old one. It's actually working fairly well, but I haven't had enough time to really try it to any extent on greater rifts. Obviously ditch invokers if you do Azurewrath as it does not apply thorns ever.


The topaz the Korean Barb was using is because it gives some thorns and he probably didn't have any on gear. Thorns at any amount will make this work it doesnt seem to matter how much or how little at least that I have found.

The other thing is I just don't know how besides avoidance Blizzard expects us to be able to do higher rifts team or not without any crowd control? I mean even with INVIS / Scrapz skills elemental can be fairly hard to avoid #Jailer
I'm excited for blizzard to catch wind of this bug and nerf the rime proc to 12% weapon damage.
hehehe.. ya its pretty not great already if they want monks using diff elements they should buff. it is fun

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