Cool Barb names

So far I got

Beowulf - Famous historical figure
Wulfgar - Barb of reknown from Forgotten Realms
Lyanna - Based on Lyanna Stark, from a song of ice and fire

My main barb is just my first name.

Anyway, thinking of making a 5th Barb because I like having all builds available and I hate spending time switching gear... In 2.1, I want to have 2 fire barbs, 1 physical, 1 cold, 1 lightning - are there any cool Barbarian names you guys use? I am thinking of Conan but it might be a little played out. Alternatively:

- Drogo
- Attila (Attila the Hun)
- Genghis (Khan)

Alternatively we can go to Viking names because, well they're northern people who raid and plunder. Either from real life or fantasy:

- Aeron
- Victarion
- Ragnar
- Thor
- Magnus
etc., etc.
Mine's Boromir.
08/19/2014 07:38 AMPosted by Wired
Mine's Boromir.

Damn, forgot about Middle Earth.

Aragorn, Boromir, etc. all great names. Thorin is good too.

Good post.
08/19/2014 07:42 AMPosted by Samir
forgot about Middle Earth.

Are you kidding me? Tolkien's creations live within the heads of hundreds of millions of fans globally. As do the creations of a certain George RR Martin. And don't forget Raymond Feist.
A few names from Vikings TV series (which is awesome by the way) such as Ragnar and his sons Bjorn, Ivar, Sigurd or his wife Lagertha (especially if you play on public with high latency).
I named a few of my characters after Germans who won the World Cup this year but it turns out that you cannot use special characters and you're only limited to 12 letters, so there's no Schweinsteiger among my toons.
I have 7 lvl 70 barbs. Most are named after Norse or Slavic gods or Slavic words like ram and hurricane.
I tend to like barbarian names from magic the gathering myself, Balthor, Keldon, stuff like that, I dont know really sounds barbaric to me.
GoldenFlash is my Barb's name because I'm a KSU grad. Some other good ones...

Brutus is p. good. That's a great Barb name.
Mine is Buliwyf. Alternate historical name for Beowulf, used in the movie The 13th Warrior as the name of the leader of the Viking clan. :)
Viking/Germanic names are the best. But since I like puns, I called my female barb Barbarella (
^ Worked with a guy once who was called "Helmet." He told me it was a traditional German name.

Also worked with a Navy guy who changed to the Air Force as his rank was Leading Seaman and his surname Stains. He much preferred CPL Stains.

1.08 barb was Gemah (OG...retired...RIP 2.86 BP Hota/WW/Perma)

2.1: Grimm, Bull - Male; Butch - Female
Mine is KneeKnockerz, because of his huge barbarian balls that constantly hit his inner knees
Well, mine is Hurin, he was a hero of men, during the first age of middle earth, and the greatest of all hero's of any age.
Kamahl, Jeska(female), Talon from the mtg novels
Definitely themed my names towards their backgrounds.

Barb = Maximus [Now if only I can find the leg to match]
WD = Nurgle [WH40K Plague God ; Chaos God of Disease, Decay, and Destruction]
Monk = JiSin
Wizard = Merlin [pretty obvious]
DH = Van Helsing [again obvious]
Crusader = Sigurd [Sigurd I Magnusson]

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