monk - crusader

I would like to have 1 melee at max lvl. My younger bro plays a barb and it seems fun to team up and be both in melee, smashing heads.

Even though I normally play ranged classes in games (casters, hunters) and support (healers), I would like to try out melee now.

Could you tell and link what kind of build choices monks have in 2.1? (in torments grifts)
Or maybe you know a vid on youtube or something that gives a good impression?
That could help me in forming a picture of what to expect at max lvl monk.

I would like to make a monk or crusader, but after lvling both over 30 to get a feel, I still cant decide >_<. So I am trying to get some extra info through the forums, which could help me in my decision.

Thanks in advance.
Just for the record, I dont care if something is OP or not (as long as it is good enough).
Interesting mechanics, fun, spells that work well to protect your team, cc's, abilties that you can time skillfully and such are more important to me.

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