[Explanation] Spirit cost increase of LTK

Hello guys,

So with the 2.1 PTR patch monks will have 250 base spirit instead of 150 base spirit. In one of the recent PTR patches LTKs spirit cost got increased from 30 spirit to 50 spirit. I think the reasoning behind this is that the base spirit pool of a monk should allow for 5 kicks.

With 150 spirit this means LTK should cost 30 spirit.

With the new 250 base spirit this means LTK should cost 50 spirit.

(The weapon damage % is still low and it's not viable without GNK helmet :o )

Base spirit of monks got increased, blizzard increased LTK cost accordingly.
What makes people upset is that LTK might have finally been half way decent. It was an unexpected and unwarranted nerf that counteracted the buffs to spirit gens. It was another change, once again, from way out of left field.
No, the increase in spirit doesn't justify anything if it doesn't do enough damage.

Think of it this way, they want Monks to be good at sustain so LTK =/= Loaded for Bear or any other super hard hitting spell. This would mean that LTK would have to cost less to do more overtime to equal out what those spells do, not cost more to do the exact same thing as before*. If it cost more, it should've received a buff to it's baseline damage. Also, with the increase in how fast the animation goes, it should've really put it in it's place as hard hitting with said damage buff but alas it wasn't*.

You can't have a sustain class if all the sustains are really terrible. Sustain only seems good at 70 when you can do SWK or other items because they just increased Synergy rather than Skills, band aid fix.
With 150 spirit this means LTK should cost 30 spirit.

With the new 250 base spirit this means LTK should cost 50 spirit.

Base spirit of monks got increased, blizzard increased LTK cost accordingly.

And so it implies that the change has no meaning? Whats the point of increasing the spirit pool when you increase the spirit cost as well?
That's just bull!@#$....
Why not just increase our total spirit pool by 1500% and increase all spirit costs by that same 1500%.
What good does that do and what purpose does it serve ??
complete bull%^-*, I can find no other Words to describe it.
I was explaining this change along the same lines a week or two ago, trying to somehow justify that it was not a nerf, but a status quo. Then someone pointed out to me the following:

In the current live patch, you can have this much spirit: 150 (base) + 100 (Exalted Soul passive) + 50 (Paragon) + 30-40 or so (viable Monk specific items), for a total of 340. At a cost of 30 spirit per kick, you can do 11 LTKs from a full spirit pool.

In the current PTR patch, you can have this much spirit: 250 (base) + 50 (Exalted Soul) + 50 (Paragon) + 30-40 (Monk items), for a total of 390. At a cost of 50 spirit per kick, you can do 7 (almost 8) LTKs from a full spirit pool.

Along with the change, spirit per second passively generated from Exalted Soul and other skills have been doubled, but spirit generated per attack from our active spirit generators have not been touched, so effectively you do not fill the extra spirit pool as fast as the previous full spirit pool. Time required using other skills or waiting to attain the required spirit for one kick has increased, and when a full spirit pool now also has almost 4 less LTKs available in it, it is a huge nerf, any way you slice it.

Even if they hadn't reduced Exalted Soul from 100 to 50 extra spirit, a new full spirit pool of 440 spirit wouldn't hold more than 8 (almost 9) LTKs, down from 11 (and 1/3, actually). In other words, the increase of the spirit cost of LTK is far larger than the increase of the spirit pool we have gotten. And the damage "buff" the skill has gotten is not enough to justify or compensate.
Lol how can some be so dull?

Having 100000000000000 max spirit gives you 0 more damage

You have to REGENERATE spirit in order to SPEND spirit in order to deal damage....

Having a higher max pool doesn't change that fact....

Unless there is some kind of way to fill up your spirit to max even if its 1000 or 100 still goes to max....
Ok guys, LTK still sucks and I am well aware of that.

But I think that blizzard thought:

"Let's give them 100 more base spirit and increase the spirit regeneration on generators accordingly, so they can fill up 250 spirit as fast as 2.0 generators fill up their 150 spirit pool. Let's increase the LTK cost so they can still cast it as much as they used to, but increase the damage a bit.
This way they deal more damage with faster generators and a bit more with LTK while the cost/generation is very similar."

But I think the real problem with LTK is that it is basically one of our only 2-3 spirit spenders.

Wave of Light, Lashing Tail Kick, Tempest Rush are our spenders. The reason we are basically locked into very similar builds is that we don't have many different spender skills. Look at crusaders for example they have tons and a build for any of them. They also have items/runes which make some of their non spenders like Heaven's Fury or Condemn into great spenders..

So basically I think we need new spirit spending moves. LTK and WoL feel very similar as it is and they both could use a damage buff or more legendary support. But we still need more options..
increase ltk spirit cost is bitter sweet.

plus side is that it works well with sunwuko and even with 0 holy dmg, my sunwuko crits for 70-80mil with ltk spam

downside is its harder to reach that spirit regen threshold

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