Can we get a buff for SSS?

SSS is a great skill idea for a monk, but in the current form it lacks power. I haven't seen any high torment builds centered around SSS and monks generally agree it's not worthwhile unless you have an extra skill slot while running a CDR build. The new Madstone synergizes with SSS, but really that just makes SSS a method of delivering EP.

Whether it's some type of damage, more synergies, or tying it into a set, a boost would really help the skill. It sounds like there is only one chance left before 2.1 hits, so please consider working on SSS.
Change SSS to do aoe as per FO as standard. Increase the range of the aoe when using FO to keep it's flavour.

Add a fith primary to FoE as a legendary power:

"Seven sided strike now consumes all your spirit and it's damage is increased by the amount of spirit spent as a percentage"

In other words if you have 250 spirit it spends it all and it's damage is increased by 250% or if you can only afford the base cost of 50 spirit it's damage is increased by 50%, you get the idea.
Buffs it's damage in an interesting way through a legendary synergy and makes FoE actually useful in a Monkey Kings build.

I also bet this won't happen :)
should double even triple the damage of SSS at least, and add AOE to each rune.
Or there's no reason to use it even with FOE.
This skill needs some help, its such a fun skill to use but its so weak for its huge 30second CD. I really wish i could change the cd reduction runes element. Some runes in general should just use the highest element on your gear imo. Blizzard should program that in.
Got FoE and Madstone and STILL not tempted to use SSS...

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