Upgrade advice for Lightning Monk

While maintaining hope that major buffs still happen before the 2.1 goes live (and shard-gambling per Druin's guidance in the meantime), I was hoping my fellow monks might have some suggestions on my lightning/raiment monk.

Several questions come to mind: does it matter which hand the OS is in?; any suggestions on how to find the follower item for templar that makes him unable to die (I've found it for my scoundrel/enchantress but not templar); anything I should re-roll or should try to find a better version of?

I find t2-3 is most comfortable in groups. I don't have single, much less double unity so solo play is difficult. The only SoJ I have (ever gotten, including on D2, grrrr) is 20% holy with socket. I'm not enchanting that for obvious reasons. Assuming I find a Rimaldi's gift in 2.1, I'll roll the socket off my OS.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. The RNG gods have been smiling on my lately--in one day I found 2 OS's, 29% EotS, 2x Strongarm's, and gambled full SWK set.
People say put Odyn in main, hand not sure why, never really noticed a damage increase/decrease but they say your skills scale off your mainhand, I can't really provide feedback for it but BIS lightning monk weapons 2.1, just in my opinion would be WKL + Odyn (assuming you get a 20-25% roll on your wkl) Odyn hits like a truck 2.1, combine that with a wkl to push your lightning damage even further but I'd most likely use Shard of Hate (If you can get one, so damn rare :/) Since with high lightning you do 3 bolts per proc and depending on your damage it does 8-10mil+ for me per bolt and it has high synergy with deadly reach scatted blows but WOTHF HOL is the strongest Lightning generator so I'd choose which suits your playstyle.

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