Dashing Strike - Rainment

(4) Set:
* Dashing strike no longer has charges and now costs 'X' spirit.

or change Jawbreaker to do this. (For those of us who prefer not to have epileptic seizures as the screen flashes back and forth)

Right now on the PTR the wizard 6 piece set does 3000% weapon damage per second as a DOT. Whereas the monk with a 6 piece set does the same 3000% weapon damage on an 8 second cooldown.

The only trick would be to balance the spirit cost to where it is noticeable without specifically gearing for Resource Cost Reduction or Spirit Regen.

Thoughts... suggestions... critiques?

Also posted to the PTR Feedback forum.
Put the 8-sec nerf ON the Raiment set and leave it alone as it is for the rest of us !!
Costing spirit? If I wanted to spam spirit to proc damage I've got sunwuku clones to do that already.

Rainment should be something else completely.

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