Why are we the only class that has no skill %

This class is the only class that on major builds has no synergy between Skill % damage and its set.

This should upset you.. but you probably already knew.

Dashing Strike is used to proc Rainments does Dashing Strike % affect the proc .. no (not only that its fairly low damage)

SWK -- You could argue that in fact its all spenders synergizing but really its just a way to proc it, even WoL does minimal damage compared to SWK proc + Mantras is the fastest way to cycle, and you cant buff em.


Dh - any spender or sentry for marauders as well as 5 pieces total (most of any class) for skill % buffs that directly affect sentry damage

WD - Jade Haunt/Locust Swarm directly are the center of the build so..

Wiz - check this .. meteor % damage actually affects meteor damage on Tal Rasha's

Bar - EQ affects EQ + they have a passive now that also helps with it and the rune you use EQ on is the same one as lut socks proc.

Crusader - (oh this guy) I mean even if he didnt have many OP things that are copied off monk but 1000x better *cough* Indestructable The main builds are all centered around skills that can obviously be boosted by their own damage % as well as synergizing with Akarats (darklight) or a weapon/shield (Shotgun, condemn)

I mean every argument aside.. how are you going to have meteors be affected on Tal Rasha's but not have Dashing Strike Damage up the Dashing Strike proc'd proc.
Well swk synergies with a daibo bliz says ,arent you thankful
LOL did they actually have the nerve to say that?
Monk is FUBAR. I can't see a day that it is fixed. Move on to other game developers.
08/19/2014 02:11 PMPosted by halcyon
Well swk synergies with a daibo bliz says ,arent you thankful

Don't foreget that you get a possible 20% holy off of about any bracers! I mean what other class gets a perk like that?
This would incline that our skills don't hit for limp male appendages :)
The problem is our source of damage is coming from proc damage, and not skill damage (as illustrated by the OP). The sooner we get away from this model, the better.
look at it like this,

all 6 classes are pinned to a food chain wheel thats slowly turning.
no class is forever on top, no class stays at the bottom, this is Blizzards MO.

when i first bought this game looked around for the !@#$tiest class and at the
time it was Witch Doctor.

now I believe monks on its way back up
+1 OP. Been saying this since prior to 2.1.
@ OP

Someone at Blizz would have to regularly play the monk to know such things. This I know not to be true however.

In the future someone who works on the game may regularly play monk, but right now they do not.
08/19/2014 07:06 PMPosted by Lightdemon
The problem is our source of damage is coming from proc damage, and not skill damage (as illustrated by the OP). The sooner we get away from this model, the better.


We have all these skills/runes to choose from but most of our damage is coming from a damn 4pc set proc(which is holy) forcing holy element.

Its incredibly short sighted...
It really wouldn't have been overpowered if it just said Dashing Strike Now does 3000% Lightning Weapon Damage. I mean it procs whenever you do Dashing Strike and on nothing else.. and you cant do dashing strike without it proc'ing with it on ( or shouldn't be able to it does fail once n a while too close etc. )

This seems like they went out of there way to make sure the set was a good as it gets when we got it. No modifiers. No Lut Sucks, No Mask of Jeram/Quetzcoaltl, No Fate of Fell, and ya there's not five pets who cant be killed doing the damage!!! DH was terrible pre RoS.. but they get buffed and they had the whole beginning of vanilla.

Each period where monks shined was due to Blizzard overlooking some skill synergy or programming error. There was Nirvana which they could've easily easily EASILY taken credit for if they just said yea it makes sense cuz your hitting him like a hundred times in way of hundred fist fists of fury, 'ells even Fitz's intro guide to it came with a story~esc intro to how this mystical power works! He laid it out for you Blizzard and it was glorious. Sorry* I really liked nirvana if you cant tell.. and it had weaknesses even offensive -- Then before that what?

Sweeping Wind Snapshot -- the whole reason we got bell buffed in the first place and then they made it less and less damage, they buffed it a lil but was Don Vu not lead monk designer back then because all other classes main damage spells went up and ours went down.. Wave of Light Wall of Light was 1202% Weapon Damage in Vanilla 1.0.8 , now empowered is just above 1k ?
Look at Haunt.. Yes its a damage over time, but one cast at almost no cost does 4000% weapon damage every 12 seconds.. for FIVE minutes if you have the passive creeping death on -- ( 300 s / 12 s = 25 x the original damage in total.. 100,000% Weapon Damage. That is 1 of 2 things cast on each harvest *of course harvest is 30seconds slice* )

And Palm.. I think removing Physical and Elite %, possibly mythic rythym would've been enough.


Do you understand why we are upset yet? Cmon even the people who are always on your side are starting to get seriously fed up. Yes SWK is nice but it is what it is and we have less gear customization because of how it procs.. Perhaps you should find a way to let us choose what element the clone is.. (say if you have mystic ally on, it takes the damage % of that ally)

lol ntb I just thought of that while I was writing it so I'm sure you can come up with a few other ideas, But for now please link Dashing Strike or else Rainments is worthless.. why would someone use it versus something that takes up 3 slots and does more damage and allows for Inna etc.. etc. better mechanics.. doesnt require Jawbreaker .. etc..

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