Beginner Monk needing help (CDR ?)

Hello folks !

So, all this talk of high end, end game builds with super cool ultra rare full sets of Raiment and SWK, that's pretty cool, but my Monk is pretty far from that !
I'd like to get some help for my Monk so that I can be useful in T1 parties. Right now I can easily keep up in T1 rifts, but my damage output is very low. I try to help with my Mantra and EP, but aside from that I'm not very useful.

My main questions are :
- I've read that CDR is extremely important for Monks, more so than attack speed. Does that also apply to lower ranks monks like mine ?
- I'm farming for RoRG (did 40 runs and still nothing), and I was thinking on making a mix of Aughild's, Born's and Crimson's set (two out of those three), what would you advise me to make ?
- Which one is better, WoL or LTK ? Should I even use one of those, or just focus on EP + crowd control to be a support class in parties ?
- Are there any "beginner's guide" for Monks ? The search function in this website is soooooo bad, it's impossible to find anything in these forums :(

Also, I have an Odyn's Son waiting in my stash, it's only 20% chance but it's probably better than the weapons I have ?

Thanks in advance !
Oh, another question : what about sustainability and weapons ? Should I always have LoH on my weapons ?
Thanks !
First off, I am not really a monk expert but I was at the same spot as you were more or less yesterday (although I was lucky to already have found a dex RoRG with my barb and could also use a few items by recrafting stats to dex ;-)). After playing other classes, I wanted to equip my monk and I was also considering to go either for a group build with CDR, max defense, physical damage and EP or to go just damage. I decided for the latter just because in random groups T1 EP already offers a lot. If you go for a support build, you are reliant on your team to do the damage and if they have that in T1 or T2, you actually don't need to be a support monk to start with. In my opinion, you should go just dps if you play often in random groups and also like to play solo from time to time. If you always play with friends, I would consider a support build.

As long as you don't have the RoRG, I would craft aughilds bracers, chest, and helm. Maybe Asheras Shoulder, Legs and Boots and you should be able to run T1-2 easily, I think.

Kinda old-dated CDR crafting guide that should still be valid for beginning CDR stacking. Ignore all the crafting mat farming since they simplified it to just salvage components.

Sustainability at lower torment should just be from killing enemies so fast you just need the occasional globe!
Thanks for your answers guys ! I'll check it out.

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