Sunwuko - TR build

I saw some people saying they use this build

But none of them were using the rune for TR - bluster...Why?

I myself am quite new to ptr and only gotten to 28 yet(also not tried it yet) I dont use unity and I dont have legendary gems levelled yet

My dps seems to be doing quite well so far, but my toughness is somewhat of a problem....While not using any ms skills it seems that whenever I die, I have to walk so long that the rift becomes hard

This can be surpassed by 2 things...get ms skills, but that would lead into a dps or toughness decrease...and I dont want either

So I'm searching to what ever I can to get better sustain, ephiphany dessert shroud seems uselss to me, since at a 50% cdr theres so much downtime that whenever u dont have it up ull instantly die.....

But last night i discovered (lol :P) that TR has a rune - bluster which pretty much makes u have 20% reduced damage.......Why don't I see any1 use this?

Its the ultimate sustain imo....
You TR right in a pack, palm spam mantra and having more dps or lower spirit cost as rune is useless imo...cuz sunwuko does the dps...
Does that rune have knockback too? So benefits from strongarms 30% damage?

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