The Death of 7 Barbs

I'm hanging it up fellas. My 7 barbs will meet their demise shortly. I wish I could pass on my 4 MOTE sets and 3 T&T. My Furnace too. But I've finally reached the point where grinding is a chore. I can't stomach more than 3 T6 rifts at a time. And the upcoming end-game doesn't suit me. Time trials and gem upgrades? Not my cup of tea I'm afraid.

It's been a great game. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a lot of fun for a few hundred hours.

Anyway, RIP Yeti, Svarog, Ragnar, Bogdan, Baran, Urahan, and Balrog.

Have fun all, and don't forget this is just a game.
Deleted toons and authenticator app. Last post. Last login. I'll probably check back in from time to time until it is thoroughly purged from my system. But it'll be read-only. Not sure why i am posting this. I guess after about 500 hours of anything you need a bit of closure. So so nerdy.
good luck, an keep shoutin'
Good luck dude.
Hope you find other games to play and have fun.
08/21/2014 01:35 PMPosted by Korlomovic
RIP Yeti, Svarog, Ragnar, Bogdan, Baran, Urahan, and Balrog.

R.I.P. my fellow brobarians. Your deeds shall be remembered.
Balrog ? One of my Crusader named Balrog too but he is not going away. He is a street fighter !
why deleting it all, i dont get it, kinkkongor didt it too, i just cant get cause you can just not play d3 if you not wanna, but deleting all the hours and items, its sad

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