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Console: PS4

PSN: Kevnl86

Looking for: Nemesis/Gifts/GRifts/People that are knowledgeable about the game and have mics/Speak English/U.S. is a plus for network stability issues/Mature and not tweens plz

Might as well add my girl if you fit the above criteria. She plays an M6 DH

PSN: KLAMarie88
PS4: Blizzle

Playing a Crusader - Paragon Level 164

Looking for GRifts/Gifts/Nemesis
PSN trevorjhart
Pet WD para 302
Add it. Would love some help with levelling.
Console: ps4
ID/Tag: riceandkimchi
Looking for: gift/nemesis/group/hangout/chat/party/rift/grift/bounties/alldifficulties(includingsub70)(up to grift32)/makenewbestfriends/grind/soft/deepconversations/reflect/havefun
(uswest preferred [seattle area is a plus], my wd doesnt handle lag very well)
Console(s): Xbox One
ID/Tag: ThePrimetimeUTK
Looking for: Gifts/Nemesis, Rifts, GRifts...anything
Console: 360

id/tag: Lioneyes13

looking for: bounties/rifts
Psn is moosenpea
Gifts. Runs. Whatever


I'm looking for every thing!
Console(s): Xbox One
Looking for: Gifts/Nemesis/Rifts only
console: xbox one

gt: kalfas84

looking for: gifts/nemesis/rifts
Console(s): ps4
ID/Tag: crispyaero
Looking for: Gifts/Nemesis only
Console: Xbox360

Tag: shadytransient

Looking for: anything, still learning the game. I have only played 1 player. lvl 70 barb and lvl 67 wizard, 41 paragon.
Screen name: dturner989
looking gifts/trade/casual play and expert runs
-daily player since Diablo 3 PS3 release
-I can craft Cain sets as well as 90% of all Legendary especially
-I trade in gold/Marquis' for items I don't have, and I have a well stocked stash of lvl 70 ' s legendary items for trade for items I don't have, including Leoric's signets.
I look forward to any and all friend requests.

Console(s): PS4 and PS3

ID/Tag: Hydrocephalic_

Looking for: anything, still learning the game.
Hey there,

Console : PS4

ID :Mazzok73

Looking for people to play with. I moved from PC to PS4 due to issues with my game continually crashing. Gifts are great of course. I do play other games on PS4 as well.Look forward to hearing from people

Console: PS4

ID: Mr_Hutz_

I am new to PS4 (previously played a lot of ROS on 360). Looking for people to play with and gifts/nemesis.
Console(s): Xbox One
ID/Tag: Teaus
Looking for: Gifts/Nemesis/Possible Groups
Console: Xbox one
Id/Tag: slamb526
Looking for: All around legit group play / rifts / grifts / keywardens
Console: PS4
Tag: Sparrow-717
Looking for anything.

Send a real name request if you want to actually group instead of just gifts.

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