PS4 Act IV : Key of Evil Torment VI no drop

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Just spent the better part of my day killing Nekarat the Keywarden, I've killed him well over 50 times and no drop. I have several of all the other keys but none from this guy.

I have seen other forum posts (incorrectly labeled for some reason in the topic title) stating that Act IV Keywarden is bugged and key does not even drop on Torment VI.

Please fix this, wanted to level another character, but why would I now.
Agreed, this stinks. Wish I had seen others say it was bugged before trying.
bump for bliz
There is already a thread on this, just fyi.

But the more we post, the better the odds of someone seeing it.

Hope it gets fixed.

A guy on here said he go the key of evil from one of the ubers in the other 3 realms through the infernal machines.

I'm going to try it out
The thread that I saw about it said key of hate. He said he had farmed key of hate on act IV. That is wrong. Hence I made this thread.

If you do a search for Key of Evil, or Act IV, my thread is the only one that comes up pertaining to this problem. Maybe I missed the thread that had the exact wording but this is the only one I saw - They gave incorrect information. I'm hear to correct those mistakes.
Until this is listed in the known issues thread, I'll keep bumping this. This is straight up BS. I now have killed this Keywarden on Act IV a few times on Torment VI just to confirm that as well does not drop it. Previously (as mentioned in my post) I had read the Torment VI thing in another thread. Have tested myself now.
(Xbox one) Can confirm. A friend and I just killed him on T6 a whole bunch of times and no key drop.
So this is a known issue on Xbox One and PS4 Blizz.. C'mon guys post an update in your issue thread.
May have found another bug.

I've had the Key of Evil (Act 4 keywarden) drop off of Realm of Turmoil. Ubers: Siegebreaker and Zoltan Kulle 5 times now. (4 in a row)

5x out of 7x Key of Evil drops off these guys. No Idol of terror yet.
Yep, Key of Evil drops off Ubers Siegebreaker and Zoltan Kulle. Managed to get the key to drop 3 more times.

Idol of Terror is bugged and does not drop.
I have had major issues with ALL the wardens........between them I had lost count on how many times I killed them & have only seen a grand total of 2 keys. Hours of farming all 4 wardens and only 2 keys......are they all jacked up or am I just very unlucky?
Im having the same problem, im playing on PS3 and ive killed Nekarat over a dozen times on T3 with no drop. I have multiples of the other 3 keys but 0 keys of evil even though ive killed Nekarat about 3 times more than any other warden.
08/27/2014 07:02 PMPosted by CapnCrunch
Im having the same problem, im playing on PS3 and ive killed Nekarat over a dozen times on T3 with no drop. I have multiples of the other 3 keys but 0 keys of evil even though ive killed Nekarat about 3 times more than any other warden.

Doesn't even matter. Even when you get the key of evil (drops about 50% of the time on Ubers Siegebreaker and ZK, Infernal Machine of War) You won't ever be able to get the Idol of Terror of Siege and ZK because the Idol of Terror doesn't exist on console versions. It's supposed to drop off Siege and ZK ubers but instead you get key of evil.
Same problem here. Definitely no drops on Act IV keywarden, in spite of hours of play on Torment 3.

We also occasionally have extremely long strings of no drops on other key wardens. That can be expected to happen, I suppose, but given the odds it is extremely unlikely. In our case, we regularly have strings of no-drops that should have had << 1% likelihood of happening based on the published drop chances. Something isn't right.
There are 4 Keywardens from Act 1-4. The Keywardens on Act 1, 2, and 3 drop the Key of Bones, Key of Gluttony, and Key of War, respectively (although in Adventure Mode I've seen Keywardens drop different keys). The Keywarden on Act 4 drops ANY of those keys, and nothing else. So, it's basically a free-for-all with him.

This means you can farm keys until you have enough to build all of the Infernal Machines, except that the last machine requires another item: the Key of Evil. I'll get to that in a second.

So, when you open the first three machines, you will fight 2 Uber bosses in each realm. The bosses you fight in the realm that's opened from the Infernal Machine of Bones will drop Leoric's Regret, the first item needed for the Hellfire Ring. Following suit, the Infernal Machine of Gluttony's bosses will drop the Vial of Putridness, the second item for the Hellfire Ring. Here's where it gets tricky: the bosses from the third realm, from the Infernal Machine of War, will drop the Key of Evil.

Finally, you can open the Infernal Machine of Evil and fight Uber Diablo, who will drop the Heart of Evil. Guess what that means? You now have all 3 items to craft a Level 70 Hellfire Ring

Hope this helps everyone!
For the record I got my key off of the Act 4 key warden on T2 after 7 kills.
Flow Chart for Clarity
I can confirm that Key of Evil can drop from Zoltun Kulle/Siege beast uber battle. Haven't even tried farming 4th act Keywarden since all plans now require only 3 items to craft (all armor and weapons + Infernal Ring and Infernal Machines apparently), which is odd, since from what I remember IM required all 4 keys to be crafted. It is a very bad way to go over the crafting design limitations (which are stupid in itself. 3 items, really? Will that really improve performance that much? Was it even worth it?)

Actually, when I think about it, 1 less warden to farm is not that bad... unless Key of Evil doesn't drop, which is THREE keys wasted. Nice, they wanted to streamline it, but only got it worse. Just dump dat ring, man... oh wait, Infernal Amulet coming, gotta farm dem organs.

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