How to lvl up to 70 fast on console?

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So i bought the game for X1 and started playing... I am lvl 14 on a1 normal atm and already tired of playing campaign (have 1000ish hours on PC). How to I get to lvl 70 fast on console?
Bounties and rifts
I know how you feel but the nice thing with the ultimate eveil addition is that once you beat story mode once everything else is unlocked. No more having to beat it 4 times to have all the end game fun. I recommend getting a channeling skill and just rushing through. I beat Mal at level 59 and then just went into adventure mode to get level 70.
If you play on expert you will finish act 4 at about lvl 58 (assuming you kill everything, do all the caves, etc) Then switch to Master as you begin act 5 and should be lvl 70 before the end of act 5.
Get a friend to bring you to kill mathiel quest unlock adventure mode=profit.
Honestly, just play the game
By the time I killed the butcher my brand new wizard was level 30
I'll be at 60 by the time I finish my first play through
Vanilla d3 on ps3 I had to play through normal nightmare, and he'll by the time I got to 60
Not true, I didn't kill everything and spent much of lvl's 40-60 running through crowds just to get to the objective.

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