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Old thread but GT- MattOGJ
Add me
Add GT Knais
gt mrfatalistic
gt pastose
GT MRG Gunslinger add me I'm down to play with anyone just as long as you don't mod
GT DwnAftrDrknss

Just got the game for the Xbox One last week, got through the campaign and now looking to finish leveling up and start getting some decent gear
Feel free to add me too. Prefer to play hardcore, but play normal from time to time. GT: grendelpoots
Artofruin27 legit players only xbox one
Add Layzie C for greater rifts / gifts
GT: iiii ZIG iiii T6 soft & hardcore modes,gr rifts 45+ softcore, gr30s hardcore.
Just got the xbox one version last week. Looking for legit players to rift and do bounties with.

Gamertag: Coheedin
Just looking for something to play with GT- AskewSugar4631 add me :)
I am also looking for people (adults only please) to play Diablo 3 with on the Xbox One. Going for 1000G score on this one so I'll be actively playing this for quite awhile. Please feel free to add me and let me know you came from the Blizzard forums.

id: Sev079
GT: Sanguis Spectre

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