advice: what do RR on my Baleful

For my zoo-sader, it is between 19.9k LOH or 3.8 wrath regen per second. Which do you think I should re-roll into str? My minions won't trigger LOH but w/e I use as my main attack will. However, depending what main attacks are good on a zoo-sader, that 3.8 could be the difference between me needing to stall in order to regain wrath.
I would reroll the wrath regen personally. Since you're a zoo-sader, your main damage output is from your phalanx minions anyways, and 19.9k LoH is a lot.

~20k LoH will save your life if you're almost dead. Having some extra wrath probably won't.

Actually looking at your build, there's no feasible reason for you to even have wrath regen. The only spender you have is Falling sword which has a CD and low wrath cost. Reroll the wrath regen.
I'm using stampede atm as my main skill so even with akarats up, my wrath can get to 0. Not checking out bowmen until I get the new shield, but even then, I might stay at stampede for double cast

I think I might just use my +1 socket item on baleful so I can turn my current os into str + keep LoH/wrath regen + get a free os.

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