How have you found seasons? Link your toon.

So I guess with life for me getting very busy in 7 weeks with the birth of my first child I decided to dedicate a weekend to some d3 seasons. I must say it certainly brought back some of the fun memories (d1/d2) starting from scratch and playing with your mates from the get go - hard to jump off the computer as everyone would leapfrog you and then you'll end up doing it on your own or being PL'ed up to 70 (which doesnt help with no gear).

I must say it is fun, however I can't see myself doing this over and over and over. The "unique" items are not earth shattering.. i dont know if starting a season and the associated 2 day addiction to getting a toon going is all that appealing if you have to keep doing it.

Anyway my toon - GR10 and 9 solo so far but thats before some upgrades so should be fine for 12-14 now.

Obviously going towards the M6 build, have 2 marauder pieces thus far one good roll and one workable one. Hoping to get the rrog next and bt belt while i finish the set off. Was so lucky with my reaper wraps, literally salvaged every last leg to get enough and it roll perfect first roll, and chc on the first re-roll :)
The new seasonal transmogs have inspired a new color scheme for my new monk:

Beyond that, I'm really only using seasons like some others - as a way to build up my roster. Nearly all of my HC paragon has been one character. I had a Crusader that got to 43 then died, then 43-190 has been all one Barb.

Edit to link in the character:

I did run across a goblin vault in Normal mode and am really enjoying the Boon of the Hoarder gem I got there. At first I thought it would be as meh as the gladiator gauntlets - boy was I wrong.
I'm a new D3 player. Check muh profile. Duncan's my HCS and Zhen is my plain ol' HC.

You could say I'm doing pretty well :P

Hit 70, two master rifts, then straight into t1, then t2 a few hours later. I haven't done many greater rifts yet, just helping people gear up after my amazing start. For those wizards out there aiming for, or part way towards going full firebirds, OMG is the jump massive. Just after 70 I was lucky in my first rift and got a burning axe from the RG, then rolled a firebirds source with the shards, along with a decent rare fire%/int/vit/crit bracer I was shoehorned into fire from the start.

Fast forward a few hours and it's sleep time Saturday, I've picked up firebirds shoulders and am pretty happy about it, the rest of my gear is a mix of random, nothing special legendaries and well rolled defensive rares and after a solid 14 hour session I'm easily t1 ready ++, running a stock standard fire AT build with electrocute - surge of power for AP regen and all the standard bells and whistles. Black hole/teleport/weapon - conduit/prismatic armour.

Start of day 2 was slooooooow. But a solid 3x wizard, 1x DH group got us blasting through T2 fast and safe with the silly combination of well timed black holes and the DH bow that causes bolas to pull enemies when they deronate. I'm pretty sure none of us took more than 10% damage at a time over 3 hours. You have to love it when odd synergy comes together and takes a bunch of scrubs to godmode in a teir higher than they should be.

Then after that dry run, kadala finally decided to put out and give me some shiney new firebirds boots, the next run, 3/4 of the way in, firebirds gloves drop. Now I'm actually thinking 6-pc will be possible before the day is done, I drop UA like the junk it is (I didn't use it (or firebirds) for 200 hours on my main, why waste a passive now?) And start playing like I'm in god mode. A couple of rifts later and kadala drops her pants again and I snatch the firey pantaloons and run for the hills. 5-pc get. Time to farm that rorg while rolling chests.

Fast forward a few hours of mind numbing split t1/a1 bounties, and RING! Settle on AT/flame ward and meteor/molten impact and start killing elites in 3 seconds flat. GG. Add in the new bracers/belt set, a cindercoat kadala felt like parting with, getting a damn serpent striker and nearly falling off my chair when a ram's gift dropped 15 minutes later and there you have gimp to god in 2 days. Parting words from my group included two of the best aussie HC demon hunters saying thanks for the carry :P

I was also fortunate enough to get a goblin portal, so golld a non-issue too. I ended a massive, massive weekend of diablo on paragon 109. And feel like garbage at work right now.

P.S. Screw amulets. Seriously, screw them HARD. The only great rare fire amulet I saw rolled fire%/str/vit/98% chd with 7% melee reduction... I almost ragequit.
Getting ridiculously insane luck here. 20/30 cindercoat, 20 magefist already running a fire build, 2 vaults, and the new weapon. 3 piece Blackthorne but the cindercoat shafted that. I think its probably the patch not just me. I have 6 times as much gold as my non ladder characters, and soon enough I'll have billions. I also found one of the new monk set pieces, for comparison it took me around 180 paragon levels to find 1 crusader set piece around launch. Grift 17.
I wish I named her SPEEDY!

'cause that wand + that source allows me to burn up split farming!

Finally, wizards are the fastest thing EVER!
I turned my teleport wand into a much needed reroll, THEN realised how silly I was :(

At least the new set belt gives some solid movement speed bonus to ease the pain.
Yeah looks like wizzies are a bit more fun :) Seeing some people shred through the torments, RNG is RNG :) Wow some of you guys have some very nice gear already Jelly :P
Was originally building up a fire starter crusader, but as I was rushing through the story on torment 1 so I could forge up a pair of reaper wraps I stumbled across a Fate of the Fell. So now running a 3/6 akk, 3/5 black through t2 rifts at a decent pace. The switch robbed me of a couple million in toughness, which I'm building back up before going further than T2 / GRift 17.And as a returning player in general (did not play much of RoS before this patch), gotta say, really enjoying the game in its current state, actually being able to find upgrades and not stare at auction sheets (Also HC finally being viable without the servers dieing every other hour is nice too).

So here's to wishing us all luck on getting a RoRG!..

Para 56 now. 550k dps. Have the shadow's set so I can take away death passive:

No Mauraders at all yet but bombadiers rucksack dropped so I'm on my way.

T1 is pretty much my speed right now
Updated for epic rant. I had fun this weekend. Seasons is bloody awesome for someone with giant gonads and alove for min/maxing. And to think I wasn't going to partake.....
New Season?

Love it.

Only way to play.

- D.
Got most of the gear yesterday, didn't drop any decent plans and only green item I got today was a really bad Raekor's chest from Kadala. Well, I did find a really nice focus/restraint, both from a lvl 1 GR guardian haha, but I'm not sure how to put them to good use (or any use for that matter) as a barb. Just seems like the set bonus should be "gain 50% increased dmg from any spender" instead of the stupid requirement on it. But I digress...anyway, character is doing pretty well, I did get the cindercoat, rorg, and haunt of vaxo today at least.
Seasons are awesome. It's good fun to see people pushing the edge again. It reminds me of the original inferno days.
New WD is doing quite well for just one weekend so far:
Got some sets, and an RoRG.....need one more Unity and a Immortal Follwer Token though. I can't wait for my first Thunderfury.

Spent the first day after leveling to get a RoRG and 2 pieces of tal set, rest came from day two.I really hope I get to finish 4 piece firebird set before I get too bored of safe farming and decide to go ahead and do something dumb. I already got duplicates of firebird glove and tal amulet, so I guess at this rate I just need another day or two at T2 for another piece of the firebird set.

Meanwhile, 4 piece tal set bonus is truly awesome. This is probably the most fun I've had with wizard since when I first got to use frozen orb (on d3). Really unfortunate that this is not really viable in higher difficulties.

For my last run I gave public game rifting a shot and ended up with charge-frenzy-ww-overpower fire lightning cold hybrid barb that did not have warcry on his bar. iso season rift communtiy
Just need 2 more pieces of akkhan(gloves and pants) and another rama gift(have a 3300 dps BoP stored that DID roll str and 1 more CDR for 9 CDR, so i'll be getting that bad boy up to near 3700 dps with 10% dmg roll once I find a Rama gift!)

Kadala has been stingy on the last two pieces, and my teammate passed me and got his 6 set together along with a Fate of the Fell, but they will come soon. By the end of today we were farming t3 easymode, and even without the full akkhan set, BoP+Condemn just feels awesome, and procs Mirinae ALL THE TIME.

All in all it was a good weekend, though I was hoping to finish out the akkhan set, and get lucky on an RORG drop(seriously, 5 skele king pauldrons) so I could use one of the 4 98-99% Leoric's crowns I've had drop for me.

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