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@DVTN Pretty decent monk..you could do better with some additional elite damage though. And RNG! tell me about it. See my stupid ammy, wasted like 150 mil+ on it an managed only 81% CHD. What makes matters worse is I haven't gotten any decent ammys and rings since like patch 1.8 -_-
Nah i dont get 1 shoted .i never die actually , i 1 shot mostly everything , t6 is nothing, lol grifts .. Cake :/ ( top 20 america monk:)

Nice monk mate. Its nice to see a different build! All i would recommend is to maybe try up your toughness. Other than that, very nice :)

I was looking for a Flow of Eternity for a loooong time, very jealous. Socket that RoRG!

Also, why does every profile look like it only has 3 passives selected instead of 4?
@StuffyDoll See you are rocking that wave of light. Nice job. Smash them bells.

Not a big fan of Inna-wuko but ur staff makes it 8)

Get a spot for Trapped / powerfull and ur build will make it worth the CHC sacrifice IMO :)
@peke, guessing your monk is on EU server? your lvl 1 crusader looks good though! idk how to view your actual toons, or i'd review ya.

For my reviewer: I just got 2 pieces last nite (witchng hour and depth diggers). My vit took a nose dive, so i'm in process of figuring out tweaks for them. will be switching to augdhil's chest and bracers as soon as i get crafting mats for em. Definitely interested in criticism though!
@drsw, nice monk but you can get better helm. you looked for set bonus in there but, you can use more effective helms. like andariels with extra holy dmg, crit and ias.

Rate mine.
@hamutcu, ya that's' what im shooting for currently. set bonus was just the best i had while looking thru my stash at 3am, and im low on crafting mats.

as far as your monk, you look pretty well off. just need some of the hard to get items im guessing. not a fan of innas daibo, but i see why you're using it for the set bonus.

I have found that since dropping innas reduced SW cost bonus, i can sustain SW solely from the circular breathing spirit and exhalted soul passive. i miss all the mantras, but i didn't notice too much of a difference in survivability or dps. if you have the gear, you may like the results of different pieces.

I've also been playing without EP, and liking it thus far. if you're not feeling spirit choked, try IS:forbidden palace and see how you like it.

im a bit jealous of your vaxo.
@DrSweetass sorry, didnt remember it lol


And before yu say it, amulet is a long issue for me :P
@DrSweetass: I'd love to get those depth diggers and of course sunwoku pieces + flying dragon, but I'm stuck with lightning for now. Looking strong.

If anyone checks my profile could you tell me which lightning weapon set is the best atm ? You can see my 2 current weapons but I also have a quite bad rolled Odyn son (1.9k dmg, 15% lightning dmg, 9% resource cost, 700 dex, but I can reroll a stat + use the gift for free socket to make it decent I guess)
Also looking for a better chest atm, could make aughilds chest + wraps but not sure if its worth losing strongarms ?

I appreciate any advice ;]
@ Synbolic,
If you're having survivabilty issues then Auglids is definitely the way to go. If not and you like where you're at then strong arms is great. The Raiment set only shines when you use the ping pong builds with jawbreaker. It's a bit much for some people though and can make you dizzy pretty quick. I recommend you keep going like you are until you find the Sunwuko set and join the club. Lots of variations to choose from. GL&HF
Nice gear although idk how to comment on it as I do not play a holy monk.

Would appreciate comments on mine though. Looking to build CDR one with the CD passive or just to improve my current one.

Still looking for Grandeur ring, where does one find one?
09/01/2014 10:08 PMPosted by Gavinlzw
Nice gear although idk how to comment on it as I do not play a holy monk.

Would appreciate comments on mine though. Looking to build CDR one with the CD passive or just to improve my current one.

Still looking for Grandeur ring, where does one find one?

You seem to have your gear all over the place.

You have a fair amount of spirit regen, but I don't see much use for it in your build.

You have a fair amount of ASP but with only wreath of light to proc I don't know if it is worth it.

Your gear is not top notch (but who has top notch gear? I sure don't) but I think you may have better weapons stashed?

Your headpiece gives lightning damage (synergieses with your leg gem), your shoulders give fire, your weapon proc is poison.

You're showing having 2 passives open, can't comment on that. But having the mantra ones probably means your playing in a group.

I don't know what else to say, only that using the hunger rules to find the RORG works really well. Play on normal difficult and do bounties killing bare minimum. Do not open chest, corpses, anything. Do not kill goblins (hard, I know). Your legendary find will slowly get higher until you have 100% leg drop chance and your horadric cache can pretty much only drop RORG on normal. After about 2hours without leg drop it comes close to 100% drop chance.

And I would like someone to comment on mine, specially if it is someone with more experience that can comment on possible gear improvement and such. I know I don't have anywhere near good gear.

And I would like to add that I have a Ramalandi's GIft, and can reroll the socket on the Odin to something else and readd the socket, not sure if I should spend the gift this way.
09/01/2014 11:13 PMPosted by Jotoco
You're showing having 2 passives open, can't comment on that. But having the mantra ones probably means your playing in a group.

The new passives, like relentless assault and harmony, aren't showing up in profiles.
@Matt - nice, I'm new to monk so, how's lightning working after the patch for you?

My season monk is the one in my profile named Toot. Not sure why my paragon is showing 315, should only be 115 or so.

First time getting into monk seriously. I think I've gotten very lucky with a few drops. I haven't tried very hard yet.

Based on your weapons, I figure that you are going for a lightning based build. I see you are somewhat new, but at the moment your gear (besides weapons) are all over the place.
My recommendation is to pick an element you have the most gear for and try to gear/spec towards that specific element. Crafting some set pieces if you have the plans would make for some decent upgrades, such as Aughild's or Cain's set pieces. You do have a few nice pieces already, your weapons are ok for a lightning build and your rorg is quite good. If your are going to stick to lightning, perhaps go for an eye of the storm helm, thundergod's vigor belt, and at least 3 pieces of 1k storms. If you do happen across some Sunwuko pieces and a flying dragon, then perhaps focusing on holy would be better since that is basically the best endgame setup monks have atm.
In the end it really comes down to what RNG gives you, so keep at it and make the best of what you get.
is my profile and i faceroll t6, everytime i am in a party with other monks they ask wtf am i doing, the build is based on spending and regaining spirit as fast as possible abusing the sunwuko set, with the high attack speed of the flying dragon i spend super fast using tempest rush. i with 2 air ally's and the band of rue chambers sacrificing the ally's brings me back to full instantly. along with using epiphany i barely have to use my spirit generator, whenever i do a trial by myself i come out with a rank 29 greater rift stone

I see you like your spirit! Nice build, I have not tried SWK\Inna's running something else for now,

I have the Band aswell but I can't run GR29+ without unity, what's your best solo? (32 here)

You should craft a nice hellfire and get and extra passive!

Very nice overall 8/10
well my best completed solo is 27, when i get the 29 stone i dont complete in time since the only issue with the build is that elites with electrified insta kill me since im attacking so fast, i cant seem to find a way around it, ive tried swapping sweeping wind with inner sanctuary but even still electrified slaughters me

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