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As of the time of this post below are the number of players to complete a level 36 or higher Greater Rift:

Crusader: 17 players
Monk: 18 players
Barbarian: 20 players
Witch doctor: 23 players
Wizard: 92 players
Demon Hunter: 1,000+ players

Notice anything odd?

All the classes have about the same number of players to reach 36, EXCEPT one class?

Yep this one class should nerfed to bring it into line with all the others. Buffing 5 other classes to bring them up to the 1 overpowered class is not a good solution. Obviously the solution is to nerf one class, not buff five others.

Sorry DH you need to be nerfed, and soon.

It looks like Blizzard did a good job balancing the classes except one.
Yeah ok kid, this coming from a crusader main LOL. "oh no a class that is glass canon actually does more damage me than me while being able to actually die!!! pls blizz nerf!!! im da best"
09/01/2014 08:53 PMPosted by Kyle
Yeah ok kid, this coming from a crusader main LOL. "oh no a class that is glass canon actually does more damage me than me while being able to actually die!!! pls blizz nerf!!! im da best"

His post is evidence based you wad. Being a sader has nothing to do with the evidence he has presented. In fact, he has argued this point far better than anyone else who's cried about DH's so far.

Earlier I was thinking everyone should just shut up, but after the OP's post I think differently.

You do realize no one has passed tier 46 so far, right? Wouldn't it make more sense to buff the other classes so they're on par with the DH? Even with BiS its not like they are completing 100% of what the game has to offer in terms of difficulty right now.

That being said, the gap isn't that bad. Go ahead and tell me how many of each class has cleared tier 30. SPOILERS: You won't because you're manipulating data to make it look like a minor difference is a big deal. Come back when you have a stronger argument.

The best thing to do right now is to wait and see what other classes come up with because I'm willing to bet there are some odd gear combinations and class synergies that are going to pop up out of nowhere and shine sooner or later.

The next step on Blizzard's end would be to create more gear/builds that are specifically designed for high performance in high tiers for every class, DHs included. Seriously, let me just paraphrase what I opened this post with: Most players have only cleared 1/3 of what Greater Rifts have to offer. Why the heck would you be calling for nerfs? Nobody is even close to clearing 2.1.
09/01/2014 09:08 PMPosted by Redead

While I agree other classes should be buffed to match DH levels I think you missed some major points of Grifts and the difficulty on balancing classes around M6 Mechanics.

Because of HP and Damage scaling being blizzards only tool for difficulty there is an eventual "soft cap" where no player nor party will be able to complete a Grift in time. This isnt an MMO with a new tier of gear, aside from some set bonus changes many people are already capped on gear and the season specifics wont change that. The mediocre leg gems increases might help push a little further but eventually no player will pass a point.

I would say that players have cleared 90% of what Grifts have to offer because unless some changes are made players will not be clearing Grift 60 ever.

Secondly its going to be difficult for Blizzard to tune the difficulty of Grifts and buff the classes because the very thing that makes DH so powerful is the fact that they can focus their entire energy on surviving while every other class has to actually fight mobs.

The only reason M6+ hasn't been nerfed is that its the ONLY viable spec for DH. I highly doubt it was blizzards intention for the DH class to drop sentries and eat a sandwich. Bliz employees are most likely right now losing hair over trying to bring classes to that level without nerfing Grift difficulty.

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