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Explosion weapon damage increased from 130-160% to 1800-2000%

Played with it some today. Was getting bigger procs pre 2.1. Not sure this is working correctly.

Is there a post patch Scourge and a pre patch Scourge? I found one in 2.1 but my pre patch had higher damage roll. Other than that the items looked identical.

Anyone notice this?
Explosion damage was bigger for me. I got a 43m proc once, on average it was more like 30m.
My proc used to be around 10 to 12 on pre 2.1. I believe the Scourge I have now is from 2.1 but not sure, have found a couple and already had two so I scrapped the worst 2. I can't tell pre and post Scourges apart.

My Proc now is from 10 to 12 in 2.1. Very underwhelming.

I wonder if it is a pre or post patch item problem.
I have been playing around with the Scourge. I had a pre-2.1 scourge and it is proc'ing upwards of 50 - 80M that i have seen. Can clear T6 with my barb using Raekor and Scourge with no issues.

Does scourge do aoe or singletarget?
I cant tell. The animation seems to be aoe, but I ony see 1 number if I am not mistaken.
This weapon works and the proc does nice Damage + it can crit

For monk its better to have a Daibo if using Sunwuko
08/27/2014 03:19 PMPosted by Morbrew1
Played with it some today. Was getting bigger procs pre 2.1. Not sure this is working correctly.

Do you mean in the PTR, or in patch 2.05? Because I don't think it could have been 2.05, since, as you've shown, the Scourge explosion in 2.05 was 130%-160% (although it did scale with crit-squared, so maybe it's possible you got higher crit numbers). In patch 2.1 it does 1800%-2000% but doesn't scale with crit-squared. In 2.1 PTR it both scaled with crit-squared and did 1800%-2000% damage, and that's when people were getting like 400 million crits and stuff.

09/10/2014 02:41 PMPosted by Meowazziel
Does scourge do aoe or singletarget?

It does aoe.
I have been using Scourge on my WD and my average crit is 28mil. Cannot confirm AoE but I have noticed mobs melting when I stand in a crowd.

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