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Tag = ajiujitsumaster. I'm on alot. I have plenty of tradeable items.

i currently run a t5 crusader w/ fotf and a t2 monk that im setting up for holy sun/dragon once 2.1 hits our consoles. Will be building other toons in the future.

I have a full assortment of all characters and builds on pc so I'm not new to the game.
anyone who wants to add me as well, pc has taken up a bit of my time as of late, but i'm getting back into to console.

gt : dirty road cone

and ps - tortorella, hockey fan much? nyr here so that name is quite humorous haha
Gt- Bey0ndTheGrave4
GT: ikanasin

i am an easy going person looking for more friends to play. From Australia

Added most up to this post.
Would like to add myself to this list. While I play mostly solo and I am fairly new on the console.

gt: villarest
Fuhrer D. I and a couple of friends pretty mush play everyday after work.
Console: Xbox One
Looking for: Gifts/nemesis, multiplayer, trading, open
GT: Steve Sq

Mainly looking for gifts/nemesis, but have fun doing rifts and bounties as well. Definitely up for trading, but only have gear to make my lvl70 monk competitive to T2.
GT darkian3
Adding everyone who has posted so far. Gamertag is TheDizzyWallin. Have a witch doctor that can handle t3-t4 in groups. Up for anything, just add me if you want to play.
09/07/2014 03:04 AMPosted by BLAZEOfSINS
How do you play with people over the world on Xbox one ?????

You can adjust this in your settings to include specific regions or all of them.
GT: dcanivel
Legit only.
Gt: doguyurur (in case you'd like a friend from Istanbul) :)
GT: Luna2442

Anyone Add!
GT: Jerevicious

Mainly Gifts/nemeses. I have one of each class at 70, some more powerful than others. No hacking crap.
GT: mustafadege
GT: TommyS79 (XBOXONE)

I dont play live but I still send and rcv gifts
GT: Oryx
GT: MarcOfDeath75

Currently lvl 63 DH, but should be lvl 70 by tonight.

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