Before whining to Nerf WD Jade, then EP Monk, now M6DH?

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So what next? Nerf Wizard Next or what?

Seriously, why this game have a lot of jealous people?

Seriously, You can't stand when have any class can do more damage than your toons?

Well, People now day, a lot of retard, keep whining for nerf...
Seriously, You didn't know it's mean you just lose your own benefit from nerfing thing?
It's the US Forum... please write english Trollboy.
Frozen orb/EP monk --> SOH/EP monk --> Leap Barb/EP monk--> Jade WD/EP monk --> Pet WD/EP monk --> Holy SG/EP monk --> DH

I predict the next nerf cry will be SWK 3000% wep dmg zomg so OP.

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