Question about cull of weak and archery

Demon Hunter
Hi guy,

Right now on my DH has CC 48% and CHD 400% ( with archery )

Is it worth changing archery to cull of weak ?

with archery build ( CHD 400% ) :!iehY!Zcacbc

with cull of weak build (CHD 350% ) :!ichY!Zcacbc
maybe drop awareness and get archery? dmg boost to u. u want 10x crit dmg vs your CC so 480% would be ideal for you.

honestly i dont find awareness all that special, a save from a death (non hc) every minute and half ur life back, big deal.
its pretty useful if you dont want to waste time running back from checkpoints in grs
i think its overpowered for a high dps squishy class like the dh
@Casually i think Demon Hunter is not you primary, so please stop.

When playing grifts awarness is must have. And 50% CHD vs 20% dmg from CoW? Are you serious?

@Engel CoW is must have with Frost/Fire build.
So 20% dmg from CoW is better than 50% CHD , am i correct?
Im lucky I can use both.
you crit.

with archery, you do (100+400)% damage = 500%
with ctw, you do (100+350)% * 1.2 = 540%

ctw also boosts damage of non crits. simple math dude.

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